Mobile Car Charging Review (Updated)

I present to you a car charger.
I bought this product quite by accident) I was looking for different "snacks" for my car and came across it. I thought that the price of $ 3 is not so much and made a purchase.
Briefly - it’s worth taking
For details under cat
This device came to me for exactly a month. There was no track number
An ordinary small packet came to the mail.

In which there was another package, well sealed from external penetration, in which the goods were located

It did not work out, because everything is perfectly sealed and sealed

Long, charging cable about 50 cm


As you probably already guessed, everything connectsThis is to the on-board network of your car. In my case, I connected everything to the cigarette lighter. Some may say they say why this is necessary? buy regular USB for cigarette lighter and don’t worry! I answer: it is important for me that I can charge the device, but at the same time that the cigarette lighter is free. All sorts of adapters will only spoil the look, but I don’t like it)
Installation is simple to disgrace:

We chop the cigarette lighter plug and connect all the wires

I attached it all to double-sided tape

The result of work:

Let's sum up:
Fully charges the phone from scratch on average in 1.5 - 2 hours.
Easy to install and connect
Convenient on long trips
Too thin wires (plus and minus) while stripping minus, cut off 2 cm.