Review of Orange Pi Plus 2E Single-Board PEKA bought on Aliexpress, created taking into account the wishes of the Armbian community and the LibreELEC Kodi test

Hello everyone!Today we will review the single-board PEKA Orange Pi Plus 2E (this is the one with increased RAM up to 2GB, emmc up to 16GB from SAMSUNG and c Wi-fi) this is a more charged and expensive version of the popular Orange Pi PC. Prior to this, I bought an Orange Pi PC2 review whose software is very raw! And here with the software there are absolutely no problems. A sufficiently large number of official firmware on of.sayste: Android 4.4.2, Lubuntu, Armbian, Raspbian, Ubuntu LXDE Desktop, ubuntu server, Debian XFCE Desktop choose what you want. There are also non-official firmware (as for whom it is more convenient) such as LibreELEC KODI, RetrOrangePi What can not be said about my previous Orange Pi shawlPC2 there except for android nothing works, in ubuntu and Linux even the video does not work, all due to the fact that there are no drivers for Mali 450. The drivers have recently been imported, but there is still no full-fledged firmware, but everything is being sawn, work is ongoing, but it will take some time! I want to wish good luck and patience to all owners of Orange Pi PC2! Those who don’t want to read everything will say that the board is worthy of attention, and those who choose between Orange Pi PC and Orange Pi Plus 2E are certainly better than Orange Pi Plus 2E (if you don’t mind the money), since this is an expensive and tuning version.
And so anyone interested please
Came pretty fast

photo from TTX from the site site

Features Orange Pi Plus 2E Allwinner H3 Quad-core Cortex-A7 processor up to 1536 MHz
Graphics Card Mali400MP2 GPU @ 600MHz
MicroSD slot (Max. 64GB) / MMC card slot
Gigabit Ethernet RJ45
WiFi module Realtek 8189
CSI 8-bit camera interface YUV422 CMOS sensor interface
Audio output and microphone
Interface to monitor or HDMI TV
5V power from a separate connector or GPIO connector
Three full-sized USB 2.0 HOSTs and one USB 2.0 OTG
GPIO 40pin compatible with Raspberry Pi B +
Manufacturer: Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO., Limited
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I want to pay attention to what is installed hereoverclocked to the maximum (from the datasheet) Allwinner H3 Quad-core Cortex-A7 with a frequency of up to 1536 MHz. The nominal frequency is 1200 MHz. The manufacturer itself does not recommend using the board without cooling, by default there is nothing in the kit. And therefore, when buying, I advise you to take care of such trifles as radiators one more set, coolers, power (the power connector is not standard here) so I recommend either adapters or yusb shoelaces for food or Power Supply to buy in advance or together with the board, since seller a large number of different sets, it all comes down to desire and your finances fantasies. Also for aesthetics you can buy body but I preferred to do it myself, since it’s much nicer to use what I’ve done myself. Well, do not forget to prepare the keyboard and mouse.
For myself, at work, I made a case for Orange Pi PC2 v.3 from org glass
Case Orange Pi PC2

This is the third version of the case left to be sanded and polished so as to be brand new. The first version was a simple square and cooler outside
Case Orange Pi PC2

The 5 volt cooler is too noisy, plugged inthe 3.3 volt comb became just like in a fairy tale, it works quietly and ate warm. I still have org glass I will do something similar for this scarf, I plan to make the org glass backlight and power through micro USB.
While writing a review at work, I also ground the case for my new Orange Pi Plus 2E. Since this is already my 4th experience in turning the body this time, I liked the result more
Well, pictures in the process of turning, not the whole process is captured

After launching the board, we are greeted by Android 4.4.2 in friendly Chinese. Russian language is present out of the box onlyswitch, to do this, go to the settings (gear) on the desktop and look for a square icon with the letter A, then select the first or second line with two characters (it’s the only one that looks like a house and a warehouse) and choose a great one and mighty! Here another surprise awaits us. Google services are not installed, there are shortcuts but they do not click.
Orange Pi Plus 2E, created taking into account the wishes of the Armbian community. (According to information found on the net.) So Armbian is our everything.
Update Upgrade passed the first time, but still then from the prompts of the console I still figured out and upgraded!
Further on the test went LibreELEC Kodieverything is just wonderful, everything is spinning playingThere are no lags, absolutely none, everything is smooth. After upgrading the processor with the case and cooling the ice, there is an idea to put some kind of limiting resistor from 3.3 volts to 3 or to 2.5 volts, since there are many revolutions by 3.3 volts with such a radiator, although the cooler is designed for 5 volts. On LibreELEC Kodi, the native TV remote control works like a remote control from Kodi, which I was pleasantly surprised, I still find a lot of new things for myself to find LibreELEC Kodi. This axis works fine. I'm even ready to refuse further tests since LibreELEC Kodi suits everyone! Here and 4k video works fine not to mention the standard full hd, a flexible system of settings. An ideal media system, at least for yourself!
Of course, all distributions with of. site have been installed and tested! all workers, each has not big kosyachki which are solved! But they are all workers, without any dopil you can put and use. The scarf was taken for pampering, studying Linux / ubuntu and similar systems! There is no desire to build any special projects such as a smart home and any servers. Yes, and not good at it! I'm just learning.
Since he lives at my place, I would like to name Orange Pi Plus 2E as something in short nothing but a virus occurred to me, let it be, why not.
1) Wi-fi
2) 2GB RAM
3) eMMC 16GB Samsung
4) Finally added a power button
5) Excellent working firmware (os) as you like
6) The assembly is clear, there are no snot, no washed fluxes
7) A huge plus in that there is biaxiality (onethe axis on eMMC is the second on the memory card) by default, the orange is loaded from the memory card; if there is no memory card, it is loaded with eMMC, they do not interfere with each other during operation and do not conflict! I left an android on eMMC for myself, but I put it on the card, get acquainted, learn Linux and its terminal.
Cons: 1) Price
2) Lack of bluetooth
3) Lack of cheap radiators in a set for such a price
4) Not a standard power connector, with power from micro usb would be much easier
5) It is doubtful that they will generally update the version of android to at least 5.1
I shot a video review for those who are too lazy to read.

I apologize for the grammatical errors! Who found a mistake please write in a personal!
The review wrote exactly 10 days! I tested, studied, collected information, made a case ...
This is my second review, you can read the first review so you can kick with all the dope! And who liked and was helpful to review please support like and kind words! Good to all!