Ainol Numy AX10T 3G Tablet Review

Hello my dear Muscovites. Want a new review of your next purchase from China? Of course you want. Otherwise, why are you all gathered here?
And today we have a tablet computer under reviewAinol Numy AX10 3G. The brainchild of the once popular company Ainol (put Like by those who started dating tablet computers with the Fire, Mars, Tornado models and the most popular Aurora) and now, one of the dozens or hundreds of brands that are trying in every possible way to gain their place in the sun.
Well ... Let's see?
And where to start? Well of course with the packaging. The tablet came packaged frankly shit. Only a miracle saved him from the fate of becoming a ball of postal elephants. Under a regular bag, the box is wrapped in thin material (foam?) And stuck to two pieces of adhesive tape. Of course the corners of the box were dented, but fortunately it didn’t go beyond that. For such packaging, the seller can already put a minus. Speaking of the seller. The tablet was bought on sale, as a gift for the new year, to a child of 12 years old (my nephew). It was this model that parents wanted. I was only asked to buy. And although there was an idea that the package might not be in time, all the same they decided to take a chance. It's good that the parcel managed to reach. In total, the parcel was thirty-three days and thirty-three years old. For our Kazakhstan post it is a normal occurrence.

After I opened the bag, a rather rather big box appeared in my hands. Red one. With pictures and title. Polygraphy is good. But who needs this box? I usually throw it away.

Inside was another box. It is put forward from the external according to the principle of a matchbox.

And already inside the tablet itself:

A protective film is glued on the screen, and a protective film for the protective film on which the tablet is represented is drawn on the protective film.
Also included is a USB cable, and a piece of paper with a guarantee. Nothing more. Although it may be for the better. Vseravno usually complete headphones are full UG that you can immediately throw in the trash, and the chargers just burn out in the first few days, or so poor-quality that when you connect them to the tablet, phantom clicks begin. At least for me with many purchased tablets it was just that.


The back cover is metal. Along the edges of the plastic insert. One of which is removed in order to put a SIM card and a flash drive inside. There is also a camera at the back, according to the manufacturer, having 5MP. At the bottom is a speaker gap. The sound is good, the volume is moderate, not wheezing.

All connectors and buttons on the tablet are located on one side:

And in this case it is: a USB port, a 3.5mm headphone hole (well, this is standard), a power button, and a paired volume rocker. The remaining side faces of the tablet are empty.
In order to insert a flash drive and a SIM card, as I said, the lid on the back is removed.

It is rather flimsy, and it seems to me that if you shoot it often, you can break it.
Under the cover there is a slot for a MicroSD card (my 32GB card was recognized without problems) as well as two slots for full-sized SIM cards.
In general, the tablet is assembled pretty well. But the thin body and facets do not personally inspire confidence in me. It seems that you can break it just by properly pressing on the tablet (I hope this does not happen)
Now I’ll talk about the filling.
The manufacturer declared the following characteristics:
Processor: MTK8389 Quad core (4 cores, 1.2 GHz)
Video Accelerator: SGX544
Operating System: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Camera: back - yes, 5 million pixels. (with flash), front - yes, 2 million pixels.
Material: Metal
Screen Size: 10.1 ′
Screen Type: Capacitive
Multi-Touch: Yes
Resolution: 1280 * 800 IPS
Visible angle: 178 °
Memory Cards: Support TF (MicroSD) cards up to 32GB
Motion Sensor: Yes
Bluetooth: yes, Bluetooth v4.0
GPS: yes, with A-GPS support
FM tuner: yes
Video: WMV, MKV, MOV, MP4
WIFI: yes, Wi-Fi 802.11n
3G: Yes
Headphone Input: 3.5mm
Battery: 6500 mAh
Language: Russian, English, German, Spanish ...
Size: 245 * 173 * 9.8mm
Weight: 644g
This information is taken from the page. discussion of this tablet on 4PDA
But in my case, the tablet came of a slightly different modification, since I do not have Ainol Numy AX10 3G but Ainol NumyAX10T 3G
And here the screen is much worse. Definitely not IPS, but regular TFT. There is no flash on the rear camera. No hdmi output.
CPU 2-core MTK MT8312
Resolution 1024x600 (screenshots in the review were reduced in order to fit the pictures to the total width)
Cameras: Rear 2MP, front 0.3MP
But then the price is $ 40 cheaper.
But since the tablet was bought by the child, and considering the price, and what I did not choose, this option is also normal.
Therefore, what has come is what we observe.
When turned on, the Ainol splash screen appears, followed by the familiar Android desktop.

When a SIM is detected, the tablet behaves like a phone. It offers to configure the functions of the sim:

There are few programs preinstalled on the tablet,necessary for the first time: browser, MX player, flash player, file manager. There is practically no Chinese software. Is that an incomprehensible built-in keyboard:

There is a standard dialer:

A tablet can work like a phone. Receive and make calls.
Also tested 3G speed:

As you can see, it’s quite normal.
Wi-Fi in the tablet also works well. Through the wall, about 5 meters from the router shows the following:

In general, the tablet works quite stably. Running Antutu tests give this result:

Not very top-end today, but for everyday use it’s still normal iron.
Conclusions: Can I recommend this device for purchase? There is no definite answer. Very strange iron. But for its price, and this, I recall, only 114 dollars per 10 inches, 3G, GPS and a metal case, is quite normal. At least offline nothing like this to buy.
For myself, I concluded that the tablets from Ainol should already remain in my memories as excellent devices, but now, it’s better to save a little money and buy something from other manufacturers.
The tablet is sent for packaging, and will be found by the child under the Christmas tree for the new year.
All Muscovites, I want to wish a happy new year, wish them only pleasant purchases, and profitable sales and deals. Happiness to all in the new 2015 year.