Overview of the PTZ IP Camera VStarcam C29A HD 960P, for home surveillance

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I present my first review on redlightgreen.org and it will be Vstarcam C29A IP cameras with featurespan and tilt. Since the review is debut, I ask you to help with corrections and improvements in the comments. The Vstarcam C29A is my first experience in using IP cameras and therefore I learn a lot with you.
The order was placed on May 21, 2017. and a day later I received a package tracking number. 05/31/2017, the parcel was at my post office, which is a record time for delivery to our northern region.
The box on top was wrapped with a bubble wrap, with the data of the sender and receiver. No dents, everything arrived whole.

The size of the box is 193x121x140 mm.

Additional Information

The camera package almost repeatsprevious Vstarcam cameras viewed on redlightgreen, namely: a camera, a power supply unit with a 60-centimeter cord, a wall mount, two screws with dowels, a warranty card and instructions in several languages. The only difference is the lack of a patch cord.

The power supply has parameters - 5v, 2000 mA, European plug (selected on the site when ordering).

Camera appearance and connector layout are typical of Vstarcam products. The difference from previous models is that the LEDs are hidden under a mask around the lens.

Additional Information

The camera according to the manufacturer has the following characteristics:

  • Size 108x114x109 mm
  • Maximum resolution 1280x960
  • LAN Communication, Wi-Fi
  • ONVIF Transmission Protocol
  • Micro SD Storage
  • Additional equipment speaker and microphone

Short work with a puncher and the patient in their place.

After installing the camera on the wall, I started setting up the software itself. To do this, I downloaded Eye4 branded application from PlayMarket (also available on the website eye4.so) and in a simple way registered on the manufacturer’s cloud service.

After he added the camera to the application, entered the data of his Wi-Fi point and all this was uploaded to the camera.

Additional Information

The camera successfully connected to my Wi-Fi point and suggested downloading an update for the firmware, which was successfully installed after some time.

The camera control interface in the application is not tricky. Available control the movement of the camera, picture, speakerphone through the camera, listening to sounds in the room.

To move the camera, you need to move your finger across the phone screen to different angles without lifting your finger, which is very inconvenient and impossible to smoothly orient the picture on the object. The movement is jerky.
Eye4 video is recorded in MP4 format, AVC codec and resolution of 1920x1080. Non-standard recording resolution for the matrix, leaves stripes at the top and bottom.
In addition to the phone application, camera control is available in the PC program (available on the website eye4.so) with the same name Eye4.
Eye4 for the computer has meager settings and I will not describe it in detail, just a few screenshots and an example of the recorded video.

Additional Information

Management is also available through web pages in browsers. To do this, download everything from the same site eye4.so IP-hunter program, find out the ip-address and portcameras that we enter in the address bar of the browser. The management interface in Internet Explorer has the greatest functionality, but you need to install the ActiveX plugin. Here you can view the picture from the camera and record in the highest resolution, program the cruise function, enable or disable other functionality.

View system information in the settings menu.

Change network settings.

And much more that is not available in applications

In my opinion, it’s best to implement the functionalitycameras, allows the device to work on the industry ONVIF protocol. Thanks to ONVIF and port forwarding settings in the router, you can forget about the Chinese servers and see everything that happens on the observed object where there is Internet access. Also, ONVIF protocol allows you to achieve the maximum possible functionality embedded in the camera. For this, third-party software is used where the protocol is implemented.
One of them is a popular PC program. ONVIF Device Manager.

Additional Information

The ONVIF protocol is also successfully implemented in the tinyCam phone application.

Another way to watch video from a camera,is to capture the broadcast of the RTSP video stream, through programs such as VLC media player and its analogues. The address of the RTSP video stream can be found on the settings page in the browser.

In conclusion, I want to say that I could nottest the camera in the dark, because in our region white nights do not darken. Also at the time of publication of the material there was no Micro SD card and the recording function on the USB flash drive was also not tested. I suspect that by recording on a USB flash drive, everything is similar to the already reviewed popular model redlightgreen.org.
While the camera is with me, there are no malfunctionsthere was a functional laid down by the manufacturer fulfills. The only thing I can add, perhaps it was not worth paying extra for a non-standard resolution of 1280x960, several hundred rubles, when the manufacturer has similar camera but at a lower price and standard 1280x720.

  • adequate price
  • good image quality
  • easy setup
  • quiet work


  • custom resolution
  • meager proprietary software
  • the need for unsafe ActiveX for Internet Explorer