Smartphone Overview Elephone P6000 Pro

Greetings, Muscovites, today I will introduce you to the review of the smartphone Elephone P6000 Pro.
Actually, choosing in due time from devices onMTK6753, drew attention to this unit, and thought that this is the most interesting option, taking into account the price and parameters of the device, at the time of purchase the price was $ 84, mowed down by another $ 5 kpon and purchased. So, we have a smartphone with a typical diagonal5 "(which is considered" mini "by someone’s inflamed yum), and with the same typical resolution of 1280x720 (my internal perfectionist longingly recalls the solution from the Meizu M1 - 5" 1280 "768). Inside, an 8-core 64-bit MTK6753 processor, cortex a53 cores, and a 3-core Mali-T720 graphics accelerator are used. There is 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal, battery 2800mAh. The cameras here are 2MP and 13MP, the main one with autofocus and high-bay). The device works under the control of 64bit Android 5.1. From navigation there is GPS, Glonass.
We’ve finished the description, let's go directly to the telephone.

There are no surprises ahead - a voice speaker, sensors and a webcam are above the screen. Under the screen are touch keys, there is a backlight. Frames cannot be called narrow.

On the back there is a super main camera with a flash, below - the manufacturer’s logo, down - the main speaker.

On the top face is the headset jack.

On the bottom - microUSB connector

On the right side are the power and volume buttons.

Under the cover, we see the battery, as well as slots for a memory card and 2 SIM cards, you do not need to do it and collective farm, as well as choose between an memory card or dual-sim.
The screen here is IPS, 5 ", 1280 × 720, a 5-touch sensor. In general, a normal screen, I couldn’t say anything bad or good about it, you can see it in the sun, it works out clearly. Photo of the screen for evaluation:

By communication function features - fully testI couldn’t, because 4G hasn’t been delivered to my land, but 3G works well, the speed could squeeze up to 14Mbps. When making calls, I hear my interlocutor perfectly, there are no problems with the other side either.
The phone has installed SoC MT6753, 8 Cortex coresA53 (64bit) 1.3Ghz + GPU Mali-T720MP3 (600Mhz). Frankly, this is not very good. Let me explain why - this processor, now, in cyty, it is the required minimum for games with good settings at 720p. Well, I have some games like Asphalt 8, where using the OpenGL ES 3.0-3.1, in other and older ones it’s enough and something simpler. But y the question arises for me - why is an 8 core needed for this at 720p when the quad MT6732 coped with yra? By the way, there the result of the antity is about the same. But, as is already clear, there are no problems with performance (apart from, probably, tanks). By multimedia - it opens everything up to 1080p (including H.265).
Here are the screenshots of the tests:

Additional Information

As for the battery life, the test device produced the following results:

In games, about 2.5 hours.

Watching 1080p video - 5-6 hours.

The phone is set to 1.3MP and 8MP, with interpolation up to 2MP and 13MP, respectively. You can’t compare cameras with a SLR, but at the same time, you can’t call them frankly bad. At least it’s better than in devices like Doogee X5 and “neighbors”.

Conclusion: This phone is a good option, for the money that I took it. However, it’s worthwhile to understand that this is a “charged” one, but a budget employee, that is, if everything is mostly more than good with performance, then you should not wait for mega-closed photos from the camera and OGS, the device is very simple. At the same time, unlike many modern phones, there is a plus in the form of separate slots for SIM cards and memory cards.