Overview of the paintwork thickness gauge (LKP) purchased at Aliexpress

Due to the need to check the car forthe presence of painted and putty body parts, this device was purchased, calibration and testing were carried out on living and not very details of the body. I ask for cat.
The package was in transit for 22 days, delivered by courier Mist Express.
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The pack of bumps and packaging are thrown away, the thickness gauge is delivered in a “suede” bag with ties:
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Bag contents:

Calibration plates

Instructions in Russian:
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Link to pdf on Ya.Diske: yadi.sk/i/ERgmYx9L3HGRVa
The device measures the thickness of the paintwork on metalsurfaces (iron and aluminum), there are calibration plates for calibration on various bodies (displayed in the video): galvanized iron and aluminum. IMPORTANT! To measure the required body type, it is necessary to calibrate each time on a sample corresponding to the body type.
Appearance of the device:

Medium-sized buttons, moderately elastic, on / off, setting to "0", selection of measurement mode and units.
Powered by two AAA batteries

The screen without backlight is not inverted, but the angle is inconvenient.

The gauge of the thickness gauge performs measurement with a moderate touch of the object; during measurement, a single buzzer sounds.

Screen symbols on first use:

Single measurement mode (one measurement for one touch) in mm:

Change unit to 1/1000 inch (mil):

Mode of continuous measurement of the thickness of the paintwork (multiple measurements with a constant touch of the sensor):

Differential measurement mode (shows the difference in the measured thicknesses:

Video unpacking, calibration and testing on a car with different body parts in condition:
Conclusion: Judging by the samples, the device does not lie, but in real use there are questions and nuances. In the same place, the thickness gauge can show radically different readings (possibly due to a lack of experience in the measurement). Thus, the measurement results can be purely comparative in nature, and do not claim accuracy, IMHO.