Overview of three USB Wi-Fi adapters

In Ali, three Wi-Fi adapters were ordered - one simple whistle, two with antennas. Each adapter included a mini-disk with a driver. I will consider them in ascending order of price.
But first, a few words about my router - thisrather old D-Link DIR-300 Rev. B1. For a long time it was the latest firmware from the manufacturer, but after changing the phone, the router suddenly hung up when connected via Wi-Fi. Therefore, I replaced the firmware with DD-WRT and since then everything is fine. True, the maximum connection speed dropped to 5-10 Mbit (up to 35-40 Mbit), but this is not particularly noticeable.

So, to the adapters.
one. Link to the lot.
VID - 148F; PID - 760B.

A very small adapter, something likecommon Chinese BT adapters or nano receivers for a wireless mouse. In Windows 8.1 x64, the driver was not found, the driver was not found on the complete drive either either (by the way, adapters 1 and 2 were ordered from one seller, the disks came absolutely identical), I had to run a fresh driver pack - the driver was available there.

After installing the adapter, about a dozen points appeared in the list of networks, but mine was not. I climbed into the adapter settings and went over the channel ranges and found the optimal one.

After that I checked how Full HD video is played on Youtube, launched a speed test.

Everything is fine, no comments.
2 Link to the lot.
VID - 148F; PID - 7601.
The antenna is disconnected. Around the axis rotates 360 degrees, the inclination of 90 degrees.

The length of the antenna is 11 cm.

The second adapter started to have problems.

Although the driver was installed immediately (probably in itthe same chip as in the first one), after changing the channel, my point became visible and I successfully connected to it, but the connection was unstable - the speed was normal for the first minute and a half, and then it drops to zero or the connection completely disappears. Tried to update the driver from disk - does not want to. I deleted the current driver, found the device again - Windows even installed some kind of driver, but the same with it. I tried to install from the disk - the driver was found, but there was no sense.

So the test hung and could hang forever.
I tried to connect not to the USB 3.0 port, but 2.0 - but the same thing. I tried to sort out the channels - to no purpose.
Well, I decided to try it on another computer with Windows 7 x86.
Win7 did not find a driver for any adapter. But the second adapter worked fine. The driver is installed from the driver pack. The second adapter has a clearly higher sensitivity - there are about 15 points in the list.

The speed is normal, stable, no complaints.
A little later, after a short google, I found the manufacturer’s offline site, downloaded driver and installed it. The adapter also worked in Windows 8.1 x64, however, the download speed is low.

3 Link to the lot.
VID - 0BDA; PID - 8179.
The third adapter is distinguished by a Realtek chip, a buttonWPS (could not verify its performance), a blue activity indicator and 6dbi antenna

The length of the antenna is 14.5 cm.

The third adapter is also fine on Windows 8.1 did not want to work. I could not even connect to the point. Enumeration of channels on the point did not help.
Only after installation updated driver (thanks to consumewhore) and additional router settings (thanks to consumewhore) the computer saw the access point. Speeds are quite normal:

In Win7, the adapter immediately worked fine. The driver also installed from the driver pack, as well as for the second adapter.

Scrolling appeared in the list of Wi-Fi points, in total about 20 pieces were visible. True, the speed is not pleased.

I tried the server 100 km from me:

Full HD video is going fine. There are no special complaints.
In general, all three adapters are normal, antennas are clearly not fake. Only need to look for fresh drivers for Windows 8.1 x64.
For lovers of dismemberment (not a single cat was injured)