Very good action camera monopod

Who needs excellent shots from your action camera, I advise you to pay attention to it. A lot of advantages over cheap telescopic monopods.
So, this is my second monopod
After the first use, he went to the trash
There were no photos of the old monopod, but after searching the Internet I found pictures that clearly show flaws.

Have you noticed how the monopod bends?
It was the same with me. If you carefully hold the monopod in one position, then it bends and does not turn over, but you just have to scroll around it and the camera immediately rotates.
After buckets of shed tears, I climbed into the great global expanse to search for a reliable, high-quality, but not as expensive as offline monopod. As it turned out, there is
I came across this video and decided to order the same:

Immediately after ordering, the seller asked my middle name,since, according to the new rules, the full name must be indicated in the mailing. After an answer the next day, the seller gave me the track number and I started tracking

The parcel consisted of an oblong box in a little bubble, glued with tape.

For some reason I didn’t take photos of the box; I immediately started taking pictures of the contents of the box.

Then I screwed the camera to the tripod and tested shooting

On a fully elongated monopod, deflections are not visible at all.
Monopod weight 306 grams.
Monopod consists of four sections, the length of the sections in the photo

There are no bluetooth buttons for mobile phones. And why is it needed if the monopod was bought for an action camera, and all normal cameras are controlled by wi-fi?)

Although there is no mobile phone control button, the monopod is equipped with an appropriate mount.

In my opinion, using a monopod with a mobile phone is not appropriate and I found a more interesting application for it

Probably nothing more to say. the video says all the fun.
Well, if you still have questions, ask
PS: The cat was unable to take a picture because she was spitting on my laptop and was successfully beaten by a new monopod
PS2: Still, I took a selfie with a kitty