Another collective farm xenon, or bilins with xenon that do not blind =)

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And so I present to you another version of the collective farm of xenon that does not blind oncoming drivers (as it mainly happens with us when an xenon lamp is put in a regular headlight instead of a halogen)
I know that there is a negative attitude towards such things, so that ardent opponents of the collective farm with xenon pass by, the rest of those who are interested please ask under cat =)
I searched for my pictures for a long time, but could not find it, since the lenses were installed a year ago. I will use pictures from the seller.

Complete with lenses are two ballasts with bulbs and two drivers for LED backlighting, a switch and fasteners. Standard connectors, removed the connector from the old lamp, stuck it in the ballast, it works.
Here is the lens itself, which is inserted into placenative lamp, peephole light and side, you can choose any, writing about this to the Chinese. You can also choose any lamp, I took 4300K, I do not like cold light.

To install the lens you have to stick the headlight. During installation, the work of the full-time headlight corrector is preserved (if you have one)

Bi-xenon lenses with shutter near / far
When you turn on the far, the curtain rises and the regular long-range one is turned on.
For me, the curtain does not rise from the switch when the main beam is turned on, it is solved by the usual closure of the wire from the main beam to the wire of one curtain (they are closed through the switch).
Middle / Far:

As you can see from the photo, the curtain cuts off the light by numbercars, thus does not blind in the mirrors and oncoming, unlike my friend who instead of a halogen just put in xenon lamps and the light hits the 5th floor from a 30-meter distance from the house, while the comrade is sure that he does not blind anyone, sadness (

Z.Y. do not let every collective farmers put this whole stray, otherwise they put a block of ignition under the headlight, and under the headlight there is a small gap where the water flows at speed. As a result, after constant pouring with water, one ballast burned out at me, upon opening it turned out that the diode had burned down (sorry there were no pictures of the insides). (While repairing it, he burned the carpet with the lamp when he turned it on.) As a result, he himself had to redo everything normally. All ballast inside is filled with thermo-silicone which is easily removable. Drivers for backlighting is better to shove right into the heat shrink or corny tape wrap. In practice, often after a non-contact washing of the machine moisture gets into the units and the backlight stops working, then after drying it continues to work normally.
How it looks on the installed sample:

Now I decide the question about the headlight washer, what do you advise?
- look cool
- the road has become much better visible, especially in high beam (for which, in fact, it was bought)
- do not blind the oncoming
- there is no moisture insulation on the drivers of LED backlight.
I am satisfied with the purchase.
I travel for a year, the flight is normal.
Z.Y. If you have already decided to collective farm with xenon, then take at least lenses under it and put headlight washers, respect others, all beaver!
We must add a cat ...