Another TV box from the Middle Kingdom or perversion with TVs

I decided it means to pervert, and stick onan old kinescope tv box tv so that my child coming to grandma could poke cartoons from youtube in the hall. I was puzzled by the idea, and recently came across a solution. So we have:
SCISHION V88plus boxing itself.
3.5mm male to 3RCA adapter.
It looks like ordinary Chinese boxing. The filling is quite standard (RK3229 4 cores, 1.5 GHz, 8 GB ROM Mali-400, and all kinds of ports, such as HDMI x1, SPDIF, AV (tulips), USB x4, Card reader for SD cards, and of course power.) but this is a plus version. Let's see how it stands out? And it is distinguished by the fact that the Chinese put the RAM here exactly 2 times more than in the standard version. And this is a very nice bonus (with a minimum price difference with the regular version).
This whole thing works under the bucket of version 5.1, has 3 launchers on board.
The first is a regular Android launcher, standard for any Chinese tablet.
The second ... And to be honest, it is practically no different from the first.
And finally, the third (I left it active), a launcher adapted for remote control, has a large tiled interface with an intuitive addition of tiles to the main desktop.
So, it’s probably time to unpack it already. Let's get started.
The parcel arrived in a paper bag typical of the Chinese with a bump on the inside.

Inside was a box and an adapter for the euroa plug (by the way, I ordered with a euro file, but the seller put a Chinese one and an adapter, alas). The box, it must be said, looks good, but it missed out in some places (thanks to the Kazakhstan post).

Inside the box is the long-awaited device,packed in foamed polyethylene. And also pasted over with a protective film (which extremely prevented him from getting out of polyethylene, they stick perfectly to each other).

The TV box itself looks quite typical for itsclass. Black box with rounded corners. On the top cover is the name of the “brand” and model. Plastic must be said nice to the touch and not glossy.

On the right side we have 3 USB ports, and a reader for SDs.

On the back there is another USB, SPDIF, AV, HDMI, ETHERNET and 5V / power

There is a glossy plug on the front panel, behind which there is an IR receiver and an indicator two-color LED (I must say, it’s bright to disgrace).
Also in the box there is a remote control, PSU (5V 2A), and a short HDMI cable.

Putting it all in a heap, and we carry to connect to the TV.
In total, when loading, we have a painfully familiar bootly

I also note that there are 2 markets at once. Original Google, and aptoide ( Check the playmarket, everything works. Applications are installed (installed by YouTube and ESexplorer, where without them).

YouTube unfortunately refused to show more than 720p, although I checked it on videos for 4K tests.

Aptoide works pretty well. And at least all the main applications in it are. I didn’t look further than them, but statistics on the site show that it has its own audience and is developing).
After making sure that everything works perfectly for HDMI, it's time to check the operation of tulips. And here the first rake went (they are also the only ones, in principle.)
When trying to insert an adapter with 3 into the AV connector5mm for tulips, the device flew into reboot, and booted already in recovery mode. It saddened me extremely, but giving up without a fight is not sporting.
It was decided to open the box, and look into it inside. As it turned out, it was not in vain.

The problem was found very quickly. The "wise" engineer who designed the board for this device reasoned (I don’t know what he was guided by) that the magic RESET button should be stuck exactly for the connector I need, and at the exact distance at which it will be pressed with a plug.

The question was solved simply, I heated the legs of the button in the places of soldering, and slightly extended the button, bending it a little back. In the photo above it is visible. As a result, we have a working AV jack, and a picture on the output.
photo in the process of debugging and finding a solution
The remote control is ordinary, with circular control buttons, and several function keys.

The top row of buttons is quite convenient, but I personally hardlywhether I will use it. Unless I will do remap buttons on the necessary applications. The Media button opens a standard player (not set by standard, namely standard according to the manufacturer). To be honest, I forgot to check the action of the TV button. But I promise to fix this in the comments, and supplement it tomorrow. WEB, which is logical, opens the browser by default (in this box it’s normal chrome). Finally, APP opens the general application menu, which can be convenient, because By default, multitasking for this box is disabled at the firmware level.
The standard HOME / RETURN / MENU works as it should. Emulate pressing them on the tablet.
But the presence of the Mouse button indescribablypleased. By pressing this button, a cursor appears that can be controlled using the circular buttons. With a long press, it moves faster, with single presses slowly. It is very convenient in applications not sharpened by remote control (for example, the same ESexplorer) and when working with a playmarket. Pressing it again returns us to normal control mode.
The remote control works from a pair of AAA batteries.
(pic 25)
In general, I liked boxing, and I would recommend it.
From the pros we have:
+ The processor copes with FHD video (tested in the HD VideoBox and MXPlayer applications)
+ A decent supply of RAM (was an extra GB of memory used to be extra?)
+ Convenient remote
+ 4 USB, you can stick anything you want, from the mouse to the storage.
+ Root by default /
Of the minuses:
- The extremely stupid arrangement of the RESET button and the need for its “doping” (if you do not need an AV-connector, then this drawback is not so important).
- Disabled multitasking. On 4pda there is an instruction for editing build.prop. Without this application, when you exit to the start screen, they simply close. It's not very convenient, but it terribly saves RAM (although with 2GB it is already enough. I advise you to enable multitasking).
- A very bright LED on the front panel at night can unpleasantly hit in the eye. It is solved by gluing the diode with electrical tape from the inside (so that you would not close the window of the IR receiver).
- The antenna is glued to the side face, which seemed to me to reduce its effectiveness. I glued it to the "ceiling", the signal became more stable. Checked through 4 walls (from 20 to 60 walls, brick house)
Well, examples of work on an old TV in a spoiler:

For questions, I ask in the comments, I will try to supplement the review according to your wishes.
PS: screenshots of RAM \ ROM will be in the comments, honestly forgot to throw them off the box right away.
ZZY: I’ll clarify about the 3.5 to RCA adapter, there is one problem with it. Tulips can be mixed in colors. In my case, the video was not on yellow, but on a white tulip (thanks for the tip).