Faux Leather Braid for Toyota Corolla / Auris Steering Wheel

This year the car is 10 years old, not that the steering wheelwas in holes or scratches, but years have been doing their thing and the skin began to shine and the threads were frayed. I saw on the Internet a braid with a pattern just for this steering wheel model and caught fire to try to do this on your car.
Here's what my steering wheel looked like before plating:
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At the moment, there was a webmoney walleta certain amount that was not enough to buy and which it was not a pity to part with. I talked with the seller, outlined the situation, he adjusted the price and I bought this lot
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How long, short, but the braided box came (43 days!), I apologize for not immediately taking a picture of the package, but the following picture will more clearly show the box:

The braid was pulled over the steering wheel, it fit the size, the thread was strong, black, the needle was replaced, since the complete one clung to the thread, the spatula helped the case, the thimble in the ballot box)
A few photos of the steering wheel sheath:
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I am aware that this is leatherette, and thatthat the skin was better, but at the moment I like to keep the steering wheel in this condition, if desired, this braid can be easily removed, since it is on double-sided tape and threads, and the original (albeit old) steering wheel condition will be restored.