We’ll try the updated Raspberry PI B +, try to make a Time-lapse camera out of it and do a little DIY

For quite some time I was going to hold Raspberry PI in my hands and, having overcome the toad, I ordered it on Aliexpress from a seller with a promising store name A + A + A +:
Raspberry Pi B + itself for $ 37.85 aliexpress.com/snapshot/6219416995.html
and then the camera for him in the Chinese version ("Raspberry Pi Camera Module China Version") for $ 18.60 aliexpress.com/snapshot/6224925450.html
You can immediately see the result here:


Actually the heroes of the review themselves:
where in my opinion everything is shown in detail, I will not dwell on this, I will add only a few comments:
1. The Camera Serial Interface (CSI) connector on the Raspberry PI B + is made very soundly and connecting the camera does not cause problems.
2. Most likely, the developers assumed a rigid fixation of the camera on the case containing raspberry pi. If there is a desire to make the camera mobile, IMHO it will be easier to twist the entire body. Cases for camera installation are available, for example: ebay.com/itm/231341799706 or ebay.com/itm/261606629492
An example of a “normal” video recording from this camera:
The “snow” in the video is really snow.
Software Installation and Setup

"And a little DIY"

Raspberry Pi B +
Pros: low power consumption, compact size, good performance for the embedded device.
Cons: lack of sata ports, gigabit ethernet, usb 3.0, in some cases this can become a critical drawback.
Raspberry Pi Camera Module China Version
A rather interesting camera - it may well become the basis for an inexpensive video surveillance system or a Time-lapse camera.
There is no own belly, and an adequate substitute for the arm has not yet turned up ... in the next reviews I will try to fix it ...