Organizer in the trunk. Velcro pocket.

A simple and useful little thing for a car.
My car has a big trunk, And I really lacked such a compartment presented in this review. Interested persons I invite under kat
This pocket is a double elastic mesh sewn together.
At the edges of a wide strip of Velcro, which pocket is attached to the side wall of the trunk.
In my trunk, the cover is like this:

Velcro sticks to this tightly, for half a year of use it has never detached. In the product reviews on aliexpress, some wrote that they did not hold tight. This has not been confirmed for me.
Truthfully, I did not use this pocket, for fixing something heavy type of fire extinguisher. In my case, this is a bottle of WD-pulleys, plastic screeds, a spray of silicone grease.

For little money we get a pocket in the trunk for trifles or documents. The device is the simplest, fastens in any convenient place, it is difficult to break
Have not found.
I really liked this Velcro pocket organizer.
Now on sale is cheaper from another seller.