Original controller (joystick, gamepad) for PlayStation 3 at the price of a Chinese copy

Hi everyone, today is a short review with a provocative headline.
Yes, yes, you heard right, supposedly a real controller from Playstation 3 for mere pennies. Those wishing to find out what the catch is, please, under the cat.
Of course, miracles do not happen and this controller is the so-called "Refurbished" controller, that is restored. I'll tell you how it works. Original “offal” are taken and inserted into the Chinese case. All. Simple math, right?
Honestly, so simple that I did not believe it
“Stop, how is it without vibration?"- readers will ask me. And like this! A little-known fact, but the first year of its life, the Playstation 3 was equipped with a controller without vibration. I allow myself a little digression into history ...
A funny fact, a year before the Playstation 3 came to the shelves, at the E3 game show, Sony showed its new gamepad for the next generation console, calling it Boomerang:

Horror, isn't it? Apparently, the look of this controller frightened many and a year later Sony released the Playstation with another and familiar controller under the name SixAxis, which, literally translated means “6 axes”. The controller, in comparison with the controller from PS2, was able to track shaking, rotation in three planes, as well as its position in space. Deprived of vibromotors.

In a press release, Sony said: In the new PlayStation 3 controller, there will be no familiar vibration function, since it was a source of interference for installed acceleration sensors
In fact, this was due to the fact that oneSony attacked the patent trolls and the Japanese company was forced to release the controllers without vibration. Which, however, did not stop them from calmly releasing a gamepad with vibration a year later. Agreed.
Back to the order. I decided it was scary for an unverified person to order DualShock (with vibration) and settled on ordering SixAxis.
The package arrived quickly enough, withinone month. The seller sent for a long time, but he had the right to it - I ordered during the Chinese New Year. By the way, the seller left the new year a little late, sent only on March 10th. Got a hangover?
I opened the package with gamepads right after the mail, it was unbearable. As you can see, there is retail packaging.

In addition to the controllers, I discovered the so-called “caps”, i.e. caps for analog sticks (more about them later):

Let's move on to the inspection:

Sorry, I can’t do it anymore, at least once per review Ishould call the controller the wrong word that everyone is so used to since childhood. Joystick! The joystick in your hands feels slightly rough, the sticks move as they should, the buttons and triggers are in order. The plastic is brand new, nowhere worn or scratched. There is no unpleasant odor. The logo on the central button is Sonevsky, everything is fine. Seriously, there were no complaints about the appearance.
Family portrait:

Well, the moment of truth, I untwist the case and see:

Having collected enough in the process, in 20 minutes I gathered it back. In general, it is going to be easy, but you need to get a handle.
Now to the checkered hats. I myself picked out the hats in the comments on the order - I asked to put them in the kit. They look something like this (chose a red gamepad, it shows better:

I hung them on the right stick, but after the photo shootI concluded for myself that on the right stick it’s not very convenient, but for the left stick it’s not bad, very convenient in fighting games, the pimples on the caps suggest the exact direction. As a result, I hung on 4 gamepads, one "cap" on the left stick.
I bring to your attention a vertical (it was very inconvenient, please understand and forgive) video test of analogy (this is 100% original) of the controller:

+ Original filling
+ In the package
+ All buttons work
+ Triggers and buttons - analog
- Traces from previous owners, could wipe with alcohol
+ - No vibration, but no one promised
The seller passed the check, you can order. Initially, I didn’t plan to write a review, but an abundance of people wishing to buy xiaomi gamepad for big money forced me to. In the same store there is a lot with dualshock 3, so if anyone needs vibration, they can buy for $ 19.63 with vibration.
Instead of a cat

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