Great mask from the movie "Saw" Saw Jigsaw Puppet Mask

Hello, Muscovites!
Once a year, and I think about how to wearon Halloween? For our holiday, I do not think so, but there’s another reason to hang out at a theme party. I did costumes myself for the past years, but this mask caught my eye on aliexpress.
Comparing prices among other sellers, I decided to make a purchase here. The seller had a high rating and a good price. The order was issued at the end of August, so that the mask could fly in before the holiday of evil spirits.
The mask flew in a yellow pimple bag, there was nothing special in the package. Immediately washed the mask and hung to dry. The smell of rubber is significantly weathered.

The mask is made high enough for its price. I thought it would be made of plastic, like the popular scream and anonymus masks. But no, rubber.

The eyes are outlined quite high quality, butcircles on the cheeks, if you look closely, have roughness. Slots for the eyes are small, people with glasses will be a little uncomfortable in such a mask. There is an opening for the mouth and holes for breathing.

On the inside, a mesh with hair is sewn to the mask itself with a thin seam, so it’s better not to pull the curlers.
Seam photo

From the sides behind the hair is a little lacking, on the side, too.
Side and rear view

Satisfied with the purchase, a good mask for its price.
The cat was not allowed to the demon party, so this photo.

Thanks for attention.