An excellent analogue of a home foam generator

upd: review is devoted to the foam nozzle on the AVD Black & Decker
Many flies in the Volga region, laziness, the presence of a sea of ​​chemistryentailed this acquisition. Take it unambiguously - fiercely saves time and money in the summer, cleaners and those who protect their typewriter. Details as usual underker!
The parcel arrived from the Middle Kingdom in Tolyatti in 20 days.
Carton box. Inside the bump. Nothing is wrinkled and does not suffer. The box has an honest price and photo content.
Pennik came in lego
the nozzle itself. the most important thing!
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connection nipple between nozzle and connector to the gun
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fitting and fum. surprisingly! they put fum!
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detergent tank itself. 1000ml under the throat.
enough to wash 2 cars
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assembled look.
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I did not capture a photo of the device. my cant
it feels a little worse than a foam generator. but! foam generator 5-8 thousand.
the suspension is quite dense. it drains for 2-3 minutes.
the torch is adjustable both in terms of foam intake and angle
the result is chemistry dependent. Horse is slag. Amway - slag.
of the minuses.
for some reason, the torch is not parallel to the plane but vertically. (((
the width of the torch at 2 meters is almost 2 meters.
the seller has pennies for any washing.
mine worked with PW1400