Great tablet at a good price or ONDA V975W

Selling a laptop, I decided to transfer to a tablet, goodThere is already a stationary PC with a 27 "screen. A search on Ali for a quality tablet took several days, I did not think that the choice was so huge. But the tablet is needed for work and nothing more (no games).
He demanded from the tablet: normal autonomy (sockets are always nearby), OTG and, most importantly, a high-quality screen. And here is the culprit of Onda V975W (Retina Screen).
So, let's begin. The tablet was sent on March 13, April 28 is already on hand. Fast enough for turkey.
Track (for connoisseurs)

Technical parameters from the site

The parcel came rewound with tape and into the gapit was clear that the customs were still interested. I did not open the camera and scandal (although I recommend it to you) and just took it. I was reassured by the weight of the parcel and was sure that the tablet was inside, even if it was crammed by customs officers.
The parcel was opened! During the inspection revealed inaccurate possession of scissors by customs officers. It's a shame somehow. Usually they cut the corner of the bag and looked inside, but cutting the whole bag is something new for me. I examined the contents, like everything was in place. We drove through.
Box of cardboard. A little from the corner dented by mail.

The back is empty. On the sides of the characteristics. I was surprised by the inscription 3G, but there is no support for the sim card, apparently everything is through OTG.

from the other side a QR code and some inscriptions for local

The tablet is well packaged and protected. Paralon is glued on the inside of the top box for reliability.
The package consists of: a tablet, charging YLL-178A, a proprietary microUSB cable ONDA. The tablet is in front of plastic and aluminum in back. The photo below shows.

The tablet was in a matte package. I immediately removed the protective film.

Immediately turned on. It is surprising that it was password-protected in Russian (customs or the Chinese tried?)

For a long time I selected passwords without paying attention to a piece of paper with a hand-written password:

A few words about the screen. He is great. Clear, bright. The screen resolution is as stated.

Angled Screen

Dimensions 9.7 inches, resolution 2048X1536.
The picture on the street is quite well readable.

The safety glass is easily soiled, I will glue the film on the glass that I ordered separately for a long time.
System and parameters

From the preinstalled is Chinese Office 2013 and asks for something

In general, it works very fast, no hangs. Smoothly, smartly.
Some tests.

Netstumbler did not start, does not see the Realtek RTL8723BS chipset. He sees the network well, connects quickly. Interesting information about the chip (is there even a radio?)

I don’t play games, there will be no tests. Video with game tests here:

Bought for hard-earned money. I forgot to buy an OTG cable, tomorrow I will search in the city and test.
Thin, beautiful, smart, excellent screen, OTG, Windows 8.1. What exactly was looking for.
Not found yet
As a gift, the seller put dollar headphones and a stylus, for which many thanks.
There is no cat yet.
PS: I watched the video reviews, the OTG cable and the office license were stolen from me at customs.