Review of the on-board computer Ancel a202

Good day.
Today there will be a small review on the ancel a202 mini on-board computer for diagnostics, reading and displaying on-screen some parameters of the car.
This device was purchased for the Murzik MERCEDES-BENZ A 140, the instrument panel of which is so small that a lot of the necessary “things” are not indicated on it.
The device was packed in a dense white box with a color image of the device and a small description of the main features. Unfortunately only in English.
completeness taken from seller’s website

This on-board computer includes:
1. display unit with a 5 cm diagonal screen to display information. With this screen size, information is placed only 5 lines + 1 bottom line of choice.
2. The cable is almost 1.5 meters long to connect to the diagnostic socket of the car. USB mini A and ODB2.
BC is made of stylized black plasticunder the dashboard. The upper part covers the screen to reduce glare. On the back there is a USB mini A connector and a light indicator that adjusts the brightness of the screen. It works adequately.
The BC is attached to a 2-sided tape which is included in the package.
The device is controlled by the joystick button, which deviates left and right, and is also pressed.
When connecting the device to the carits inclusion occurs. On the screen on a white background appears the inscription ANCEL and a link to the manufacturer’s website, and at the bottom of the screen in green letters Connecting ... Download and connect to the car takes about 20 seconds. After that, pre-set (can be changed) parameters are displayed on the black screen. To select the next parameter, you need to move the joystick left or right. The image changes instantly without freezing.
To get to the device’s menu, briefly press the central part of the joystick.
Then we get to the device control menu.
- selection up and down the menu is done by moving the joystick left and right.
- enter the menu and confirm the selection by briefly pressing the joystick.
- exit the menu - press the joystick for 1 second.
There are 5 main sub-items in the main menu: OBD Diagnose, Driving test, Settings, Meter config, Product inf.
There are too many settings. I will post pictures of each menu.
OBD Diagnose (OBD diagnostics. Reading, erasing errors, history)

Driving test (SpeedMax Set, SpeedMax Test, BrakeSpd Set, Brake Test)


Meter config

Product inf

small video of work
I recommend to buy!
1. low price compared to the BC of similar functionality in Russia.
2. convenience of displaying information. (display on the screen of the necessary parameters temperature, economizer, etc.).
3. Easy to connect and configure.
4. connection to diesel cars.
5. The ability to reset errors.
6. the ability to use without additional power and a computer.
1. the inconvenience of switching the joystick (while the car is moving it is almost not realistic)
2. the instruction and all the menus are in English, although everything is intuitive, so I think this is not a minus of this device.