Parking camera in the trunk release button for Skoda Fabia, Octavia, Audi A1

I bought a parking camera on aliexpress for a long time, I decided to share the experience of installation and operation with redlightgreen readers.
The camera is suitable for cars Skoda (Fabia, Octavia), Audi A1. The camera is installed instead of the standard button for opening the trunk and was purchased instead of the old one, which was placed instead of the backlight number. There were a lot of problems with this old camera, it’s notit was sized, the LEDs for the number in it caused a blown bulb error, due to the position shifted relative to the center of the car, the picture was distorted and most importantly, the video signal was too weak and the monitor uncertainly detected its appearance.
The new camera cost me $ 24.90 and the quality of execution is much better than the old. In one case, it combines the trunk open button and a video camera. Outside, the button is covered with rubber, like the original, and the compartment with the camera is plastic with a soft-touch coating.
On the reverse side, there is a connector for a button and two wires stick out - to power the camera and video signal.
Installation went without any problems, cameraI got up perfectly, connected the cable of the trunk open button to it, took the power from the reverse lamp and pulled the video signal along the car next to the cable from the rear camera of the DVR (yes, I have 3 cameras in the car, one looks forward and two backwards - for the registrar horizontally, and for parking - down at 45 degrees).

What is nice - in Ukraine such a camera costs about $ 100 so that when buying in China, the savings are 75%!
Somewhere a year after installing the camera, she leftwith a failure, or rather, not the camera itself, but the voltage stabilizer in it. It was like this - I tried to turn around and backed up the hill stalled. Without turning off the reverse gear, he started the engine - and the camera from that moment began to fail. She began to turn on at first every other time, then she could turn on once a day, and then not show any signs of life.
It was unprofitable to buy a new camera, and waitfrom China for a long time, so I decided to repair the old one. For some reason, I was sure that everything was in order with the camera itself, but its “power supply” failed, which lowers the car 12V to 3.3V to power the camera. Using a knife, he opened a small plastic thickening on the camera cable and found this same power supply there.

Inside is such a scarf. On the reverse side is a voltage stabilizer chip.
I soldered the power, connected two ordinary fingerbatteries and connected the camera to the TV - it is, the camera works fine. I’m heading to the radio store, I’m buying a 78R33 stabilizer microcircuit for 3.3V and a couple of capacitors, I assemble the circuit on a piece of the breadboard, pack it in heat shrink and it's ready - the camera works again from 12V, you can install it in a car.
I can recommend the camera for purchase to owners of Skoda Fabia II and other compatible cars, the quality is decent, the appearance of the camera is excellent, it looks like the original from VAG.
And to the end of the review - a short video: