Parktronic as a regular + Camera

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Good afternoon! One evening I was picking up a new thing for my car, I decided to install parking sensors, but not simple, but such that it would look aesthetically pleasing and not fabulous money (I'm talking about regular). It’s not that I had problems with parking, but I often have to huddle, there is very little parking space. Details further:
Highlighted from the beginning of the criteria:
1. must not bulge
2. no screen needed, just a squeaker needed
3. ease of installation
Now point by point:
1. I shouldn’t protrude - I used to have a nine, so I put in there protruding parking sensors that are now being sold everywhere, I didn’t like them, the collective farm was the collective farm. In this regard, I wanted cheaply and angrily, I chose the most similar to the regular ones.
2. You do not need a screen, you just need a squeaker - a camera is installed in the car that views what is happening behind, but with an insufficient viewing angle, parking sensors are a safety net!
3. Ease of installation - I wanted to install parking sensors without removing the bumper, but it wasn’t there ... I decided to give it up !!!
The choice fell not this nameless product! It was packed decently, everything in its place was firmly fixed.
4pcs crane
4pcs 15cm sensors
4pcs wire extension cords from 2.5m sensors
1pcs cutter
1pc speaker with 5m cable
1pc 1m power cable
1pc control unit
Now about the installation and operation of this device:
Installing it was easy except for removing the bumper, in stages (without photos):
1. Removed the bumper, it turned out that on the inside there are already marks for the holes in the centers (luck), I drilled for it and put brackets on it.
2. Installed sensors, unlike many sensors, there is no bottom or top or tilt angle. So there was no hemorrhoids and reading a manual.
3. Power strip - when I put the camera, I put a 4kt relay from the power of the reversing lamp, and it got attached.
4. He held the speaker and hid it under the torpedo.
It has been working perfectly for a year and a half:
It starts to work from 1m20cm to about 10cm, first with short signals and comes to a constant squeak! The volume can be selected with the switch, there are 3 volume modes.

And since I am writing in two stages, there are just a few words and photos about the camera:
The camera is a Chinese analogue of a standard camera, but not without it!
About Installation:
It was connected to a two-twin radio tape recorder on a front camera camera dedicated for these purposes.
I took food through the relay from the reversing lamps. “Why through the relay?”: You ask! I don’t know for what reasons, but the power supply connected directly to the line gave artifacts on the screen. It was decided to put separately power through the relay from the lamps, the problem was solved!
Because the camera went without gaskets, it came to carefully make it at hand, namely, along the perimeter of the camera body adjacent to the body, I missed the sealants and let it dry, voila and ready - the result is in the photo! I fell into place, like a glove by means of my own latch!

I apologize for the installation photos are not available, but there is a finished product!
p.s. at the request of add or fix the Old. Thank you for your interest!