Patches. Girlish joy-2

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If you think that the word “patch” has an unambiguous meaning and means a special software tool that fixes software problems or changes its functions ... You are mistaken
I ask under the cat.
I continue the series “Girlish joys” begun in this review of mine:
Recently, I was surprised to learn that in girlslexicon also has the word patch (translated from English - “patch”), which means a fashionable colorful patch patch for decorating clothes or other things of a teenage wardrobe (for example, sneakers or a backpack). And it is pronounced just like a patch, and nothing else.
Accordingly, I was confronted with the fact that this is now the most necessary thing.
I did not resist for a long time and ordered the following set of six “patches”:

In this case, these are the heroes of the cartoon “My Little Pony”, which is very popular among girls:

sizes are: 5.8 * 9cm, 7.5 * 8.5cm, 10.5 * 7.5cm, 9.6 * 9cm, 6 * 7.5cm:

The ties look very colorful, the lines are even, the threads do not stick out, almost do not stick out:

but one “patch”, unfortunately, has a significant “bug”: probably, as a result of the failure of the “sewing machine” program, the firmware of the legs and torso of one conic moved out:

How they are attached, the seller has no informationthere was no product on the product page, because there were vague guesses that it was something like a decal. And so it turned out. The entire back side of the patches is a hot-melt adhesive that adheres to the fabric when heated with an iron:

the patch itself is quite thick and consists of three layers - two of them are the basis for the threads, the third is adhesive:

We decided to stick one for the test visit, which is not very sorry.
Chalk marking:

Ironing through a rag (iron for about 50 seconds, for reliability, 2 approaches were made):


Holds tight! Let's see what happens over time. The child is pleased with the result. Dad is pleased that the child is happy
In general, things are funny, the seller has a large selection of “patches” for all kinds of topics, and not just for children.
By cons, I’ll take the marriage of one of the six patches, welland probably the fact that now it’s impossible to wash the thing on which the patch is pasted on the machine - it can come off. And one of the pink horse ties could have a physiognomy more рее

That's all.
Good to all !!!