Micro-USB - Type C adapter for one cent in a mobile application

Here, accidentally stumbled. Recently I took a similar one for 14 rubles, and thought it was cheap.
And here - for 58 cents. Moreover - any color to choose from, like girls from a famous song. They say OTG supports it, the chip is inside.
The discount works only in the mobile application! When using the desktop version - the price is $ 0.54 (31 rubles).
I could not resist, and took another one - I’ll throw it in the car, it was already a couple of times that relatives who managed to get new smartphones wanted to recharge - but the connector is not the same:

Maybe someone else will come in handy.
Upd. I ordered four more - I’ll break out the micro-USB connectors - they will go to all kinds of homemade products for recharging, everything is cheaper than ordering individual ones.
Upd.2 Well, like the gang in the comments - the seller wrote that this is supposedly an error ...

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