The Cube iWork 7 Tablet Is Small, But Removing ...

Good afternoon dear friends.
Today, your attention will be presented an overview of a small, but eligible for life tablet from the notorious company Cube.
In the review, I will tell you how to get a New Year discount from the seller.
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About company

Today, the new Cube iwork 7 tabletis the most affordable among all devices that are running Windows 8. The cost of the tablet now is not more than $ 100. The fact that Microsoft officially announced that it is ready to distribute Windows 8 to mobile devices with a screen diagonal of less than 9 inches is completely free, caused the creation of a huge number of tablets of all stripes from Chinese manufacturers.

The tablet came to me in a month and a half, as the seller explained to me, he checked the new delivery method. And as it turned out, it is not too effective))
The box itself almost did not wrinkle during transportation. Made of hard cardboard. The lid is sealed with special stickers that would not open.

When you open the box for the first time, your eyes run up from how much it lies in ... but then you come to your senses and get:
1. The tablet itself
2. Otg cable
3. Micro usb to usb charging wire
4. Charging itself with a Chinese plug (without adapter)
5. A bunch of various pieces of paper in Chinese along with instructions (also Chinese / English)

What’s most interesting, in my last review onI didn’t indicate one thing, the store for some reason, along with the packaging of the recorder, sent me an adapter from a Chinese outlet to ours. Although there was no point in this, because the recorder does not need to be charged. The adapter failed for a week and now, by a lucky chance, it came in handy ... some kind of mysticism!

Also, the seller added a couple of gifts, which was pleasantly surprised.

The appearance of the tablet is successful. It looks stylish. The build quality is excellent - I did not notice any gaps, or backlashes, or any other flaws. Thickness is about 8 mm. I consider the ratio of weight to size to be ideal. It is felt in the hand, but at the same time the hands do not get tired of holding it for a long time. Combined color - the screen frames are black, the back cover is made of white plastic. Pleasant to the touch. The coating will not allow the tablet to slip out of hand.

On the top of the right side are the control buttons, from left to right: power button, volume rocker. The buttons are pressed clearly, with little effort and a clear feel of pressing.

On the top face are located: HOME button and various sockets, namely: standard audio jack, mini hdmi connector, microSD card slot, microUSB connector. There are no plugs, I personally like it.

The left and bottom sides of the device are empty. On the back cover below is a speaker slot (the sound of the tablet is clean and loud, which cannot but rejoice), at the top there is a camera peephole. There is also the Intel Inside logo, the designation of the manufacturer and model of the tablet. The speaker is quite loud and clear. The sound is nice.

The tablet screen has a diagonal of 7 inches and a resolution of 1280x800 pixels, which is enough. The colors are vibrant, vibrant and natural.
Viewing angles are good, pixels on the screen are not visible.
Capacitive sensor, 5 touches.

Unfortunately, my camera cannot convey the full brightness of the tablet, in life it is much brighter.
The tablet has 2 cameras of 2 megapixels each. Quite a strange solution from the manufacturer. I will not dwell on them in detail, since they certainly cannot surprise anyone. Most suitable for skype.

The tablet is built on an Intel Atom Z3735G chip with 4 cores made using 22 nm technology. Budget, but quite productive solution.
Integrated Graphics HD Graphics Not Toopowerful enough for everyday tasks, including video and undemanding games. By modern standards, the amount of RAM is small - 1 GB, 16 GB of flash memory is installed, about 4.5 GB remains for use. This is very small, so you have to buy a microSD memory card to at least somehow increase it. Support for memory cards up to 32GB.
The tablet does not have a SIM card slot. You can access the Internet either via Wi-Fi or through an OTG adapter with a 3G modem.
Among the wireless modules, it is worth noting Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
According to manufacturers, tanksA 3500 mAh battery lasts ten hours without recharging. Personally, I do not believe in it. With a light load (2 episodes of Futurama, some music and the Internet), I discharged in about 6 hours. When charging, a blue indicator lights up above the screen.

Windows 8.1 was installed as the OC. The seller was very kind and before sending asked what language to put on the tablet. So after unpacking, I got clean Windows in Russian.

For a modest $ 100 you get prettyhigh-quality mobile device on Windows 8. This tablet was not bought for games or any serious programs, but simply for the sake of acquaintance with mobile Windows 8. I believe that it fully pays for its price. On the eve of the New Year, it will be a great gift.
Of course, there were some cons. Small memory both operational and flash. Have to buy a memory card. The camera is not of the best quality, although it is suitable for skype.
A discount