Cube iwork8 air tablet

Hello! The brother asked to order an 8 ′ tablet for the new year to his son (my nephew), at a price of up to 6000 rubles.
Having looked at various options, I stopped on this tablet. Very good performance for the money. I decided to order it.
Ordered 11.11, with a coupon. But the seller turned out to be a radish, he began to demand $ 8. and later $ 5 for shipping. I did not bother, because the tablet is needed to NG, paid $ 5 extra, but said to the seller, they say once such a thing - put in a charger, please. And he invested in 1 ampere (real). Who does not know - the company does not equip its tablets with chargers
The parcel was delivered for about a month, delivery was Express by ponies, the courier handed it personally in hand.
Brief characteristics of the tablet:
Intel Atom z8300 processor
32GB of internal memory
IPS screen 8 "1920 * 1200
3500mah battery
Windows 10 + Android 5.1

Let's see what has arrived.
The box is simple, strong enough.


The tablet itself.

By the way, the speaker is loud, but terribly sounding, the middle frequencies only play.

Connectors and Buttons
Above is the home button, microUSB / hdmi ports, also jack 3.5. There is also a slot for a memory card

On the right are the volume buttons and the tablet’s power button.

All connectors and buttons in one photo

Also on the front part there is a red LED, it lights only when charging, and after charging it does not go out

There are no complaints about the assembly, nothing creaks. But still, the device seems somehow toy))
When turned on, you can choose which OS to load. Boot into android.
The screen is good, the resolution is wonderful. Enough brightness

Excellent viewing angles

Touch "plastic" for 10 touches, works well. Protective film is available.

Android Version 5.1

There is not much available memory for the user, only 8 GB.

The processor is not new; everything has been known for a long time about its capabilities. Some tests.

Epic citadel
High quality

Ultra high

Toys pulls well, but because of the highresolutions in heavy 3D games can slow down. I tested Need for speed and asphalt 8 - it was very “playable”, but I did not see a perfect smooth picture.
Now boot into windows.
Works fine, does not slow down, everything is ok.
The system is 64 bit.

The memory was allocated in the region of 20-22 GB, and 5 GB was free from the box. And after a while it became only 2 GB.
Conducted a test for the speed of the internal memory, these are good or bad results - you decide)

And of course the temperature. Without load.

In load

Frequency held at maximum

Under load, only the processor does not overheat, but it is worth using the video core - for sure everything will overheat.
The battery here is weak, at 3500mah. Charges with a current of about 1.35-1.5A.
In games, enough for about 2 hours 30min (average brightness)
Movies from YouTube or a flash drive can be watched for about 3 hours.
After all the tests, it was decided to demolish windows and leave only android, + still make a section for applications with a size of 25 GB.
On there is an instruction, did as it is written, butAfter the manipulations, android did not want to install. I tormented the patient all night, and yet I managed to do what I wanted. Alas, did not help me with this. A certain foreign site helped, where one craftsman bungled the firmware purely with one system and with a modified data section. Then there were some manipulations with the tablet, installing recovery, flashing custom firmware. I was "tired" of this all, but I reached my goal)
So, now about the significant flaws.
Maybe only for me, but in one place the backlight sometimes shines through. Fortunately, if you look at the screen, then this is not visible.

Well, the most important cant in this tablet - ifIf the tablet sleeps, it may not wake up. You can turn it on only by long pressing the off button. And so several times. But if you turn off wifi - everything is ok (in the stock firmware).
After flashing, the firmware version changed, and this glitch became very frequent.
I asked again on cm12.1 - it seems like everything was fine, so I gave it. After 2 weeks, the brother brought back with the same problem. Moreover, according to him - turning off wifi does not solve the problem.
I found firmware cm13 (android 6.0.1) - it doesn’t fall asleep forever, I checked it for 2 days. But still I'm not sure that the glitch will not appear again.
Good screen
Powerful enough hardware for a tablet
Low price
It is possible to leave one of two systems (google / to help)
Marriage backlight
Weak battery
Not enough free space in windows
Glitch with a dream.
It was the latter that upset me. I did not expect this from cube, I considered it more or less a good manufacturer.
In general, I would not recommend this tablet for purchase.
P.s and my nephew liked the tablet very much)