Rockchip 3288 PIPO Pad P7 Tablet and Keyboard Case

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One fine day I decided to buy inexpensivetablet for home use, specifically watching online video and surfing. Having polished reviews and Chinese stores, the choice fell on the Pipo Pad P7. Under the cut, a review written not for profit, but for information.
Background to the purchase - there is a netbook Asus EEE1101HA, a great thing that lives for at least 9 hours, but it terribly slows down on online video, although everything flies offline. I never had a tablet in use, for a start I wanted something inexpensive. I checked my WebMoney account, a little more than 5 thousand Russian rubles, this is about $ 101 at the time of purchase. I began to look for a suitable one at this price, looked at reviews on redlightgreen - all kinds of ainols, chuvs, etc. up to $ 100. I was not impressed - either the screen is small (my netbook has 11.6 "), or not IPS, or the resolution is 1024x600 at 10 inches.
Accidentally stumbled upon a Pipo P7, on a Panda like,immediately liked it. The 9.4 "screen is not so small, IPS, two microUSB, a separate charging hole, miniHDMI, the resolution of 1280 × 800 is normal for me, it’s enough for online video, in principle it’s even higher than my netbook. I took the version without 3G because it’s only supposed to be home it’s use, and there is WiFi at home, and most importantly, the RK3288 processor, there is experience in using it, because I own a Q8 TV box on the RK3288 - the most positive impressions of the performance.
Features from the official Pipo website

Found on Ali the cheapest at that timeoffer - $ 129. It was decided to take, adding money from the card. His blood))) I also ordered a keyboard case from the same seller for $ 13. The seller promised a keyboard with the Russian language, after my question about Russian keys, and without additional charge.
The package went a little less than a month.
Photos of packages and contents

Description of what came
- tablet itself
- keyboard Case
- Charger for a Chinese outlet, 5V 2.5A
- An adapter for a Euro outlet that does not fit into a Schuko outlet is essentially useless to me. Well, why do not the Chinese send adapters with sharpened corners? ..
- a paper clip to remove the sim card, in this case is useless. WTF?
- microUSB cable
- OTG cable
- film on the screen
- headphones
- a stylus for a capacitive screen, for me a thing is useless.
- all sorts of guarantees, instructions, pipo nameplates. Gone into the trash.
The back and front of the tablet were gluedshipping films, tore off. Moreover, a glued protective film was found on the screen, I decided not to touch it at first, then tore it off anyway, I do not like the film. Moreover, another one in the kit.
The system costs Android 4.4.4, there was no root - received through Kingo Root. Playmarket was right away. And the Russian language is configured the first time it is turned on, no Chinese software has been detected.
Kernel Version 3.10.0 [email protected]# 825 Wed Mar11 16:30:02 CST 2015
Build number p7HD-eng 4.4.4 KTU84Q eng.root.20150319.091232 test-keys
Appearance, ergonomics, case
The tablet is quite weighty, the weight in the hands is felt. The location of all ports (except audio 3.5), volume rocker, microphone on the upper edge.

As for me - it’s convenient, because I rarely touch the top face, I hold it on the side, I lean on the bottom - not a single port overlaps.
Ears, flash drives through OTG - it all worked. NTFS is, exFAT is not present ...
An audio 3.5 jack is located in the upper left corner,on the opposite corner is the power and lock button. For audio, headphones with a L-shaped plug are desirable, the complete ones are not, and indeed I do not have such. A small minus so to speak.
I was also pleased that the speakers are located abovescreen on the front surface, not the back or side. Although the microphone’s location near the speakers is somewhat unsuccessful, I personally don’t use the microphone and speakers at the same time, the sound is through the headphones.
A few words about a wide framework. When I ordered, I thought it would not be very, because narrow frame fashion. In fact, it’s good and quite comfortable, I hold it beyond this, without touching the screen.
The keyboard case is made of dense andhard leatherette, pretty solid. Although there is nothing special to compare. There is an emphasis behind. The microUSB location on the upper edge is negatively affected; the cover cannot be closed with the keyboard connected. The top clip also covers the microphone hole. The Chinese did not deceive the Russian language; Russian letters are engraved. In general, it works, though at first the hands were looking for a touchpad, because I'm used to a netbook)))) When a hardware keyboard is connected - the software does not work.
Keyboard Cover Photo

In comparison with a netbook, the bad viewing angles of a netbook are immediately evident. The dimensions of the tablet with a case are smaller than that of a netbook.
Netbook and tablet

By the way, on the occasion I bought such a gadget in Fixprice, a stand. Perfect fit, has 2 positions. Not advertising Fixprice)))

Power and Battery
The first undoubted plus - you can charge the tabletboth through the DC connector, and through microUSB. I note that charging takes place only through the port labeled “USB”, and through it we connect to the comp. The second port is "HOST" for flash drives, mice, HDD etc. When charging via DC, we have free microUSB, and if the DC charger is lost, you can charge it with a microUSB cable. Yes, and through the same Powerbank it will charge, if that. Charging current through MicroUSB is about 1.9A.
Charging current

What is the current when charging through the DC jack - could not be determined. Although 2.5 A is declared, and the wire on the charger is 20 AWG, it can be 2.5 A and will give out.
Now a small fly in the ointment - when connectedthe charger, whether it be DC or MicroUSB, the tablet does not turn off, just reboot when you try to disconnect. You see a software flaw. If you disconnect the charger, then the tablet can be turned off.
No LED charge indication onThere is no front surface, I think this is a plus, LEDs are annoying. There is an LED indicator at the end in the microphone hole, it lights up red when charging, it goes out at the end of the charge.
Charge indicator

A battery of 6500 mAh is declared, I did not measure the exact capacity, because Due to the tablet’s disconnectability when charging, measuring it is problematic.
Conducted such a test - launched TorrentTVDiscoveryHD via WiFi at medium brightness, in MXPlayer software decoding mode. Total discharge time 4 hours 40 minutes, the discharge schedule in this mode under the spoiler
Working hours

What can I say, you can watch a couple of films.
ScreenThere is nothing special to say - IPS as it is. I did not notice any inverted colors and distortions.
Viewing angles

Resolution is certainly not enough, but considering the pricefine. When reading text, pixels are noticeable, while watching videos and pictures there. If you compare with my netbook, which was replaced by a tablet, then the netbook has 135 DPI, this tablet has 160 DPI. Overall, not bad.

Multi-touch 10 touches, when connected, charging is slightly buggy. Nothing special at all.
Multi touch

The screen in the sun is very mediocre, onmaximum brightness of the screen to distinguish information on the screen is possible, but difficult. There is a light sensor and Auto mode - they do not really help. Total - not for working in the sun.
The screen material is plastic, fingerprints remain, although they are erased quite easily.
Tests and Information Information from Antutu. The Chinese were a little deceiving with a frequency, it is 1600 MHz maximum, and not 1800 MHz.
Antutu info

Spent a couple of standard tests - Antutu, EpicCitadel, 3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited / Extreme. 39985 parrots, 60.4 FPS and 12586/7548 parrots, respectively. Affected by the RK3288 and low screen resolution.

Antutu video test as a whole was successful, the tablet decodes almost all formats in hardware. In principle, what I wanted was a tablet for watching videos.
Video Playback Test

GPS test, catches satellites almost immediately, a coupleseconds and appear. Compared to MTK, heaven and earth. Also supports GLONASS. I do not plan to use a GPS navigator. A discovered flaw - GPS does not turn off programmatically, only there is a choice of three options in the menu - By network coordinates, by satellites, by all sources. I consider this a minus.
GPS indoors

GPS on the street

Tests the speed of drives, RAM under the spoiler. Everything is pretty standard. A1 SD bench app.
Memory speed

Cameras To be honest, the cameras here are mediocre. The maximum for which this Skype is suitable, by the way, it works here without problems. I did not like the native camera application, I put the “LG camera” from the market.
Cons - the flash only works at the time of shooting.
Examples of pictures under the spoiler, originals here
A photo

WiFI, Bluetooth, HDMI
The WiFi receiver here is 802.11 b / g / n. WiFI work is quite ordinary, although subjectively the netbook has better reception, judging by the signal level. Although I do not feel the inconvenience of using it, the Internet works well. Some tests under the spoiler
WiFI analyzer

Bluetooth worked without problems, file transfer is in progress. In principle, there is nothing more to check with Bluetooth.
HDMI is working. A miniHDMI format port, there was no cable in the kit, so I used it. Connecting to a TV is no problem, the interface is like a tablet, in 1080 mode we have upscale. When connected to a TV, you can select the delay for blanking the screen of the tablet, but the sound is immediately transmitted only to the TV when connected. Unlike GPS, you can programmatically disable it. Operating modes and HDMI options under the spoiler.

A little bit about sound
To begin with, a few words about the complete headphones - there are few high frequencies, no low frequencies at all. In general, why do I need these headphones I do not know))
When I connected the Sennheiser CX400 of the first revision, everything sounded almost as it should, but far from ideal and HiFi. But all the frequencies are in place.
About the speakers - the sound of them ringing a little, alonemedium and high. No low. which is not surprising. Further, the sound is not very loud, but at the same time not quiet. There is no distortion at maximum. It is quite tolerable for watching a movie or clip, but not for the music lover, much less an audiophile.
Hardware volume rocker in addition to soft buttons, a definite plus for me
Conclusions and impressions
What can I say, I got a tabletvalue for money. To watch videos from the Internet, surfing, i.e. those functions that I planned - a good choice. For games, I think too, given 2 GB of RAM and RK3288, although I'm not a player. Fears about low resolution did not materialize, it is quite watchable, given IPS.
Although I will not recommend it, everyone decides for himself which is better and more necessary. Moreover, dual-operatives are becoming more and more popular.
Advantages and disadvantages:
+ Price
+ RK3288 processor is quite powerful, although it’s not quite modern
+ NTFS support, but most tablets can boast
+ IPS screen
+ pretty convenient location of connectors
+ Charging both through microUSB and through DC connectors
+ wide screen frames
+ Speakers on the front panel, above the screen
- Low screen resolution
- not disconnected GPS
- very mediocre camera
- flash in flashlight mode does not work
- a plastic screen, although not so minus
- when charging, the tablet is always on
Cons discovered not by me:
- there is no image editor in the gallery. I confirm, the way it is. Need a third-party editor.
- rewinding on YouTube does not work, suspends the program. It works for me, nothing hangs.
- Does not catch GPS. Everything works for me, both in the test and on Google maps
And by tradition
Someone watching

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