Q88 Allwinner A13 Tablet

Many articles have already been written and reviews shot about inexpensive and popular
7 ”tablet Q88 Allwinner A13, I suggest you take the time one more :)
I ordered a tablet for a gift (for my mom's birthday). This was my first tablet ordered from China and the first purchase on Ali))))
Unpacking upon arrival attached:

As well as a video review, for those who like to watch and not read)))))
Options as usual: English manual, OTG cable, USB-MicroUSB cable, charger, and in addition to the tablet, a cover with a keyboard was chosen (it was sold as an option):

The tablet has standard power buttonsand a volume control swing, as well as a recharge hole, a 3.5 mm jack hole for connecting headphones or music speakers, a flash card slot (MicroSD), a microphone, a speaker and a front camera of 0.3 megapixels:

The tablet has a simple design, light weight. For the assembly of good quality, nothing creaks anywhere and does not play, the plastic is even, the buttons sit well and do not hang out.
Let's move on to the characteristics of the tablet:
Model: TWD-MID;
Operating System: Android 4.0.4;

Allwinner A13 single-core processor (from where the name of the device comes from), the Mali-400 video processor, the maximum operating frequency is 1GHz.
The seller claims: 512 Mb of internal memory, 4 Gb of built-in flash drive and support for flash drives up to 16 Gb, which is confirmed by the following screenshots:

P.s .: In AnTuTu, the Benchmark shows a 16 Gb built-in flash drive, in fact, I swapped with a flash drive (micro SD).
Battery Consumption: 1. At maximum brightness, with WiFi turned on and downloading programs and games from PlayMarket, it takes 53 minutes (but the battery operation is very strange, that is, it works for about 20 minutes from 100% to 90%, then it sinks from 90% to 50% in a couple of seconds and the remaining 33 minutes, it works from 50% to 14% and turns off):

3. With WiFi turned off and watching movies 1 hour 50 minutes (the battery also sags, I don’t know why):

Fully charged in 1 hour 30 minutes.
The tablet has a capacitive screen with a resolution of 800x480 and multi-touch for 5 touches:

Let's run through the tests:
1. Quadrant Standart test showed - 2222:

2. AnTuTu Benchmark test showed - "trash":

3. Nenamark2 test showed - 24.7 FPS:

Plays movies in FullHD. Simple games pull with a bang.
Conclusion: A good tablet for a gift, especially if the recipient is an elderly person who doesn’t care about the hardware, or you can buy such a tablet for a child of 4-6 years old to understand the basics of the mobile world))))