Split personality teddy bear

Hello. Today I would like to talk about a cool teddy bear, which I ordered in Ali. I bought for 4 bucks. He liked me outwardly.
Bear tall 25cm. The bear is divided into 2 halves. The white part of the bear is of the Angel type, and the black part of the toy is the Little Devil type. This bear will certainly be familiar to anime lovers.

The bear has different eyes. The left is just black embroidery. But the right eye is a stylized red lightning. In the middle of the muzzle is a plastic black nose.

Focus on the details. The seams are smooth and neat. There is no extraneous smell from the toy. The material is pleasant to the touch. The bear is soft. The left half of the mouth is smiling, and the right is grinning.

In the lower abdomen, the bear has a white navel with a black cross.

There are no drawings on the back, it is simply divided into black and white parts.

The lower legs are short, the upper ones are somehow more authentic.

I am satisfied with the purchase. I like various funny and unusual things. I’ll give this bear to someone or put it on a shelf.
Video review. Thank you all for your attention, I hope you liked the review. Leave your questions and suggestions in the comments, I will try to answer everyone.