Seat belt cushion

The oldest child of 9 years old complains that the shoulderThe car’s seat belt slides on the neck and rubs it, especially in the summer, when only the shirt is from the outer clothing. S t.z. security is also not the case. The booster - the Seat, of course, raises the child a little, but this still is not enough, and the belt is not adjustable in height. The child no longer fits in the child seat. After a short search, a compromise solution to this problem was found.
The idea is to fasten this soft pillow to the belt and slide it to the right place.
Please note that this pad does not replace any belts, chairs, boosters, airbags, etc., but is installed as a comfortable addition!
Came in an envelope and bag

The pad is a soft folding roller with Velcro.
Inside, a soft pouch (like a diaper) is added to the pocket to add volume to the cushion.

The pad can be washed by first removing the bag.
The sewing quality is quite normal, the material is very soft and pleasant to the touch, similar to suede.
At work (the child naturally sits on the booster)

The child immediately liked the pillow.
Conclusion: a useful tool to increase comfort.