Fake Pillow

Hello. Surfi recently ali in search of some jokes. And so I decided to dwell on the classics of the genre.
If you have a friend who makes fun of you, then just right answer him the same. This thing is just for fun and no longer has any semantic meaning. I ordered for a dollar, and now the seller has already raisedthe price. Flew in 18 days. The seller gave the track number, but it was not tracked, even the departure from China did not show. Everything arrived in a regular mail bag, and the pillow itself was packed in a transparent bag.

I got a yellow pillow. In diameter, it is 16.5cm

There is a drawing of checkers and inscriptions. In the middle is a hole with a metal ring along the contour.

A tail through which air comes out when a person sits down.

Traces of glue are visible on the reverse side. I note that the product has a specific pungent odor. I had to throw it on the balcony for a couple of days to weather. There are no inscriptions and drawings on the back.

The operation of the fake pillow can be seen in the video. Thank you all for your attention.