Grinding wheel on a drill for grinding: buying a nozzle and trying on a screwdriver

Good afternoon, dear readers. Today a mini-review of polishing nozzles on a drill.
I bought myself for polishing aluminum profiles, which I use in DIY.
An overview of the likes I use in DIY has already been on the site.
Delivery was without a track in the usual yellow package.
The whole set of nozzles:

It includes - two flat foam nozzles, two tuberous foam nozzles, one fleecy (similar to wool, but synthetic) nozzle and a base nozzle, which is installed in the drill. Moreover, the black nozzle is softer than orange.
Diameter of nozzles is 80 mm.
Thickness about 25 mm:

Bottom fleecy fabric for attaching to the base nozzle:

Base nozzle:

Of dense rubber and plastic with Velcro, as on vibrosection machines. Holds well, come off with difficulty.
Steel shank - with a diameter of 8 and a length of 27 mm. Suitable for any drill or screwdriver, even can be put into use in DIY.
Shaggy nozzle:

For finishing polishing.
On a screwdriver:

No beats:

This set is positioned for polishing the paintwork of cars, but as for me, the diameter of the nozzles is small for a car.
To polish the auto bodywork, polishing pastes are necessary, for household needs, I just bred the crushed GOI paste in kerosene. Dirty home polishing work.
Test material:

After a couple of minutes with a flat orange nozzle:

The screwdriver speed is only 900 rpm.
With polishing knives, skill is needed, shredding the nozzle:

Nozzle after five minutes of operation:

You can’t call it explicitly reusable, although it will stand longer for flat surfaces.
In general, the purchase will not be superfluous, inexpensive, and not all hands sparkle.
Thanks for attention! Enjoy the shopping!