Sale Ponies

I decided to order a small sticker with a pony as a gift. We were satisfied with the result.
Once at a sale, I noticed pony stickers that my sister and I adore. She’s small and she should be, but I’m just fun.
On Ali, in fact, there are not so many fan goodswith this paraphernalia: scary dolls, jewelry, children's clothing, and indecently expensive dolls; pillowcases. (only at the time of the review soft dolls began to appear)
But the diversity of Tao is still far
For connoisseurs

How did I separate the moment of the review? The goods were paid on the sixth of March. He was at the post office on or about March 28th. And only today they called us and asked for money for a long storage of the item. The seller sends the dispatch, but for some reason it only tracks to the European sorting center. (in Moscow it almost went to the post office, if I do not confuse anything) Of course they did not receive money, but they received my burning desire to write about them to their favorite quality control department.
Geographically, I am far from the place of receipt, so I can only say that it was packed well and nothing went bad. (without specifics)
The product is fully consistent with the description:

  • All ponies from the description are (not all the main GGs)
  • Size corresponds to "large", of course 50 * 70cm is the characteristics of the sheet
  • Cartoon color palette (it’s scary to look at some toys)

The future owner of the sticker was rated at five with a plus.
But alas, she behaved badly and while the ponies and Spike live on the transport film.
Now the goods are sold with a small discount of 11 cents. Given Hasbro’s policies, I think it’s worth buying fun paraphernalia, until they all drank to hell (sore spot)
Perhaps, what could be attributed to the minuses is the absence of Fluttershy and a normally non-tracked departure (but damn $ 3!)
It also saddens me that this product for the store is a by-product and you probably can’t wait for new character sets.
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