Jack HST 6602 Handheld Game Console (376 games) - 8-bit joy

Those who were born in the 80s probably know and remember what “Dendy” is))) Now, you will not see a teenager. And at that time, it was every boy’s dream.
We lived quite modestly, so my childhood dream was not destined to come true. But I had a neighbor friend who was given a birthday prefix. How many sleepless nights, how many walking lessons ... we spent at the TV screen.
Many years have passed, but nostalgia does not let go. Mario, Tanchiki, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mortal Kombat, Batman. Here were the games ... A couple of times I even thought about buying a Dandy. But all hands did not reach.
And once again, browsing the goods on Ali, I came across this game console. Without hesitation, I made an order, and three weeks later the coveted package arrived at my post office ...
Under cat detailed review, video gameplay and analysis. You will also find out where the Chinese “recycle” old used batteries from phones, and what Chinese children do in labor lessons. )))
material: ABS
battery capacity: 700 mAh
charging time: 2-3hours
play time: 3-5h
screen: 3.5 inches high speed TFT screen
Support game format: N-E-S
inside the game number: Buit in 376 games
suitable for: children and adults from 6 to 50 years old
Language support included: English, Chinese
List of games

Some games are repeated. But there are really “masterpieces” of their time.
Only 5.7V / 800mA charger included.

The console is made of glossy plastic. Greasy fingerprints and scratches are visible with a bang.

On the front side is a color display, LED indicator and main control buttons.
The LED on the console is green. During charging, red.

I did not particularly like the solution, instead of using a cross, use four buttons.
But in principle, they do not bother. You can play.

The buttons are quite tight, just like on old joysticks.

I would like to note a strange feature of the buttonSound. If you turn on the game and turn off the sound, the console will be silent. But if you click on the Reset button, the music will play again. Agree, not very convenient, especially if someone is nearby. Here you need a full mechanical button. )))
Above is the power button and MiniUSB connector for connecting the charger.

The display is certainly not IPS. Simple TFT. The resolution is primitive. But quite bright. Viewing angles are not bad. It is closed not with glass, and not even with plastic, but with a film.

On the back of the speaker hole. The volume is high. Not enough volume control.


For comparison with a smartphone ASUS ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML).

The manufacturer indicated the capacity of the built-in battery700 mAh According to the information on the store page, the operating time is 3-5 hours. The exact time is not detected, but enough for more than 3 hours. I usually charge a couple of hours. During charging, the indicator light is red and does not go off.
Understanding the console is pretty easy. You just need to unscrew the screws on the back cover.
Such a big drop of solder on the battery.

Fee on the reverse side. Notice how the MiniUSB socket is soldered “evenly”. In places, the flux is not washed.

Let's see the actual battery capacity. Remove the heat shrink.

And ... What the fuck ...? This is the battery from a Nokia phone. And judging by the appearance, it’s obviously used. Probably stands behind such a "disgrace" to "bend" the Chinese?
Well, there will be no problems replacing the battery. Free space is full. You can cut the sides and even put a larger battery.

Neither at the end of a bit of video gameplay.

Advantages and disadvantages
+ A lot of games (there are really interesting)
+ Portability
- The volume button is not logically made
- Battery
Personal impressions
The console is cool. Got a lot of positive emotions. Though not children for a long time, in the first days my wife and I had serious debates about who will play first))
What to say at the end of the review? You saw everything yourself. Buy or not, you decide.
That's all for today. Thanks for attention.