Proper steering wheel braid.

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I offer a small overview of the braid (cover) for the steering wheel.
The wheel of my “Ravchik” was slightly damaged by the previous owner as a result of the frequent use of a mechanical steering wheel lock. In general, something had to be done, because shabby me just enrage. The "collective farm" of economical options for covers infuriates me no less than the appearance of DIY sets for $ 10.
On the popular "Ali" I found myself something that pleases the eye and does not greatly facilitate the wallet.
TTX seller

In view of the well-known events, orders for “Ali” were reduced, which in turn unloaded the postal services and the parcel “flew” to the door in 15 days.
For track lovers


Tape with adhesive tape according to the instructions

Trying on ...

We tear off the protective paper from the double-sided tape, press it and start the exciting activity all night in order to pass 2 hours on a summer evening.

On sections from the middle to the left ray (and the right), measured the threads on an outstretched arm. On the top - 2 times on an outstretched arm.
First, we sew in one direction through the seam, threading the needle under the thread, which sheathed the braid.
Then in the opposite direction

The first stage is over.

We take the yellow device and push the edge of the braid into a narrow slot so that it is beautiful

In order to avoid such “kosyachki”, tighten the fingers with your fingers, tighten the thread ...

Process is over

Examples of incorrect (in my opinion) braids. Even if they are made of genuine leather

Video from the manufacturer (links in the instructions)

- leatherette
-finished pattern for the future
Thanks for your attention