Pleasant little things. Set of silver nipple caps

Somehow, in the pre-crisis times, I decided to order every little thing for a car. Well, I found an inexpensive lot with caps on the nipples, because they are periodically lost, and a small supply is necessary.
So, the review will be short, because the thing is simple.
Delivery. As often happens in Ali, it was free. The package went without a track number, in terms of about a month.
Equipment. An ordinary thick envelope contained five blisters, each with four caps. Nouname, as they say.

General impression. Made of high quality, screwed perfectly. I would like to note that kopachek is longer than twice the standard one, which is wound onto VAZs, that is minus (sticking out, sticking out of the wheel), which is plus - it is easier to grab and unscrew.
What about the money? For 5.$ 45 at the old rate (about 200 rubles) for 20 caps, the purchase was excellent. The current price for today is 360 rubles. In retail, one set of four caps cost in Voronezh stores from 100 to the same 200 rubles.

Total. I am satisfied with the purchase. Spent once, threw it into the garage and enough for a floor of life.