Pleasant little things. Reflective car door stickers

Driving safety is crucial ascomrade Lenin would say, because no matter how bearded an ace you are, there will always be a person who is distracted, staring, or who suddenly needs to chat while driving on a mobile phone.
Shit happens, comrades, and I’ll tell you about an ambiguous purchase designed to secure your doors.
This will, as you understand from the name, about stickers with reflective properties that will increase your um ... passive safety.
Let's start with the positioning of the manufacturer.

Strange picture, right? The kid on a great day flies through the door, not protected by magic stickers. It is not very clear why he did not notice it; the black color is a very opaque material.
Well, okay, let's build a review like this: first about delivery and all that, then the conclusion.
Delivery. Without track numbers, in an envelope without pimples. In terms of time - it came as much as five weeks. Long.

Options: Four stickers on a sheet. Nothing more.
Condition. Stickers stick perfectly, for a couple of months on the door, they did not fall off. Water is not afraid. In the photo below, they are already glued to the door of Kalina, the length of the sticker is about 10 centimeters, the width is 2.5 somewhere.

Main question. Will this sticker enhance car safety? On the one hand, yes, the light reflects well, in the sphere of headlights, the surface of the sticker becomes already bright white, like a light bulb. On the other hand, the driver even with little experience accustoms himself to look in the mirror when opening the doors. That is, the sticker will protect the door in the dark when the car is standing, but for some reason you forgot to at least close the door. Are these situations common? I don’t remember something. Also in the piggy bank to the "minuses" I will add a small sticker size nevertheless - from a distance of 50 meters it is not particularly visible.
So it goes.
Do you think the purchase is expedient?