Pleasantly surprised glasses with real UV protection

Good day, dear shopping lovers in the Middle Kingdom.
I want to talk about cheap sunglasses and super-duper-mega-fast delivery by China Post Air Mail.
Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact of almost lightning fast (!) Delivery, I would not have taken to review these glasses because there is nothing particularly remarkable about them - glasses like glasses. It all started with the fact that he watched the movie “Counselor” (2013), the shape of the glasses in the protagonist was remembered.

Wandering through the vastness of the vast AliExpress foundfrom afar, reminiscent of the frame that interested me (critics may pour out in the comments that nifiga does not look like). Two sellers had a delivery of $ 2.5 at a cost of goods up to $ 3. Toad strangled me for two days. As a result, it was quite by accident that a seller with free shipping and a price of $ 2.16 caught my eye. According to reviews, everything seems to be gut - delivery on time, glasses come with scratched lenses (unlike other sellers). I think even if the shape of the glasses does not fit the shape of my face, you can always fuse them to my younger brother. It is resolved. We take it. I place an order on 01/15/2015, pay, wait. Experience tells me not to see the parcel for 1-1.5 months. After a couple of hours, the seller gave a track that was tracked only in China (and no wonder at such and such a cost of goods). After sending, he thanked me for choosing his store, throwing emoticons and “diar friends” on him. Vobschem for sociability definitely 5.
This is the background.
Now the story itself.
My surprise knew no bounds when 01/27.2015 found in the mailbox a notification of the parcel. Because the day before I took 3 packages from the post office, I thought that there was some kind of mistake, I called back a couple of times to the department and without getting through safely forgot about it. 01/27/2015 I see a notice in the number which is written with the firm hand of the postman "REPEAT". Well, I think there is clearly something waiting for me there. I went. So yes, my package.

Pay attention to the Chinese postage stamp - in the National Chinese mail the parcel was registered on 01.22.2015.
You can make a schedule for the passage of the parcel:
01/15/2015 Payment of the order
01/19/2015 Departure from Warehouse (Yanwen Express)
01/19/2015 Arrival at Warehouse
01/22/2015 Registration at China Post (judging by the postage stamp)
01/27/2015 Parcel lay in the post office at my place of residence
Tell me, comrades, did any of you receive a penny package from China so quickly?
Back to the sunglasses.
In addition to the frame of the zip kulechek andpink handkerchief. The fabric is not a fountain, tough enough. I think that over time microcracks will remain on the plastic after wiping with such a cloth.

Let's take a closer look at the frame.
On the lens there is a manufacturer’s sticker with the dark name "Flower horse". I'll take off the sticker as soon as possible ...

There is nothing remarkable on the arms, ordinary plastic with no frills. The nose is solid.

The lenses are plastic, gradient. The color of the tint is dark purple, pleasing to the eye (my eyes are very sensitive to poor-quality lenses).
Noticed a jamb of production - one ofpebble-jewelry crookedly glued. It is not striking, but if you know, then it is no longer comme il faut. You can, of course, get confused and try to tear off the pebbles and re-stick evenly, but I think "well".

In the evening I went to a friend's ophthalmologist in opticsto check the lens for protection. I was pleasantly impressed. A standard UV tester showed 385 and 390 UV. Nice, "Schworth Pubierry!" ©.

Lyrical digression.
The inscription on the lens UV400 or 100% UV protectionmeans that the glasses protect against harmful ultraviolet radiation. The number 400 is not accidental: the light wave is measured in nanometers, and ultraviolet light ends at a wavelength of 380 nanometers. So high-quality sunglasses do not pass not only all invisible ultraviolet light, but also an extra bit of blue light - in reserve, so as not to harm your eyes.
Device on my brazen unshaven face:

Perhaps the connoisseurs of glamor will say that this form of the frame does not suit me, but I will say that I do not care - I like it.
Upd: comments on the similarities between the author of the review and the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk A. are not welcome and remain on the conscience of commentators.
As a result, for 2.16 evergreen American rubles we have:
- manufacturer "Flower Horse";
- lightning fast delivery;
- crookedly glued decoration (not very noticeable in principle);
- a light frame that does not put pressure on the nose and the presence of real ultraviolet protection (which is surprising at such a cost of goods).
All good!