Just pumice and your heels? The points will be like a baby

A piece of pumice in the bathroom rubbed in order and cameit's time to change it. Strange, it seems to be such a simple and ordinary personal hygiene item, but you will not find it in the store during the day with fire. I mean a piece of pumice without any devices with handles and brushes that cost from 100 rubles. and higher. But the Chinese have and not at all expensive. By the way, do not take the link from the header, there the seller made a paid delivery. Just in the search bar on Ali, type “pumice for legs” and get a bunch of offers. I took a couple because in reviews they write that sometimes they break down along the road. Although, if the “hippo” from the postal service steps on the package, then both pieces will break.
What is pumice (educational program)

I got whole, only one piece was slightly pokotsat. Apparently someone had already sharpened their heels, and then packed it and sent it to me.
Dimensions: 90 x 45 x 17 mm
Heels are blinking perfectlyDoes not sink in water

Payment and track

I have everything, thank you for your attention.