Anti-reel machine.

Anti-reel machine.
A bunch of spools appeared on the old, beloved coat, on the sleeves, the collar and along the buttons, I did not know how to remove it and accidentally at a discount of 118 p. I got this device.
Briefly, it’s worth buying, but look for where it is cheaper.
After writing the review, I saw similar ones, but still decided to leave it as the first trial review. I decided to order, it took about 20 days, the packaging was pretty crumpled

but everything works and it looks like this powered by 2 AA AA batteries, possibly powered by a PSU, but it was not included
the battery cover is made so that you don’t immediately understand how to close it.
Above the blades, a removable "sieve" with 6 carbon holes of different sizes, probably for different spools. Above the sieve there is a cover with adjustment of the cutting height of the spools - 3 gradations.
The description indicates the possibility of cleaning carpets, I have not tried it, but coped with the coat perfectly. Before and after Sorry for the low quality photo, poor lighting.
The essence of the process - villi and spools falling into a sievethey are cut with a blade, moreover, it cuts a sieve and not a blade (as in a manual meat grinder, just the opposite =)) and with a stream of air the spools are collected in a removable container.
The connector for the PSU with a diameter of 4 mm did not try, but I think charging from an old Nokia or radio receivers is suitable.

  • for 118 rubles is worth the money
  • Cleans quickly and well, even excess pile is cut off
  • operation from the power supply unit 2-4 volts is possible
  • normal plastic quality, much better than Fix-Prise

And from the minuses

  • The lack of a power supply in the kit
  • And the price is too high right now

For cleaning clothes, the thing is not interchangeable, its functionfulfills 100%, I think that the safety margin is enough so as not to break for a long time. The most vulnerable part is the fastening of the blades, it can be strengthened with a drop of super glue. Then, apart from the motor, there’s nothing to break, the power is enough for the coat does not sit.
I didn’t disassemble it because there was nothing to look at inside except the motor.
That's all, please do not judge strictly, a review on the site, and indeed the first one. From the comments I'll see if it's worth writing reviews on other Chinese inventions. Thanks for attention.