Down jacket “large size” Chinese XXXL

Even before ordering, having read manypositive comments, drew attention to one compatriot, "The jacket is excellent minus one, scary pipiskin fur" (sorry, but the words can’t be dropped from the song) and several buyers wrote about the mismatch of sizes, for this reason the jacket was ordered in the maximum size.
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First impressions are made with high quality, pleasant to the touch, decent material (really pleased).
I drove fast, just over 25 days by China Post.
In standard postal packaging, inside is another package.
The jacket is very soft to the touch and extremely pleasant and very light.
According to the site, Material: cotton. Color: purple red (nice, it’ll be erased very lively, photos are bad, I know it myself)
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It is sewn very high quality, no sticking out threads, I sure would have worn it with great pleasure But ...
Well, maybe that's enough positive.
The same wild beast and its fur (everything was clear with him from the very beginning
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It sits on the body, but to put it mildly not at allsits, the declared size XXXL (the maximum available in table XXXL) does not correspond to the real one. I myself am of average build (height 184 cm, 52 size, weight 92 kg)
Comparison with an honest 52 size jacket. (in fact a maximum of 48)
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Feels like you can safely walk in it untiltemperature -8 (maximum -12) ° C, I'm not sure about the greater frost. Judging by the name of the lot, it is positioned as winter. Well, it might have gone to the Chinese winter, but our frosts in the midst of winter will not pull.
There are 4 colors to choose from.
I’ll try to return at least part of the money. I will be glad to your advice on how to talk with the seller and how to act better.
Photo on me
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This is my first review (shame)
Scottish Straight Bun does not recommend.

Thanks for your help writing this Comrad review.