Puer “Sunflowers” ​​classic Rostov tea party

Not so long ago I managed to call in Rostov, a citytea drinkers, and sitting in one of the kitchens to the taste of da hong pao, a conversation arose about how it all began, and one of the first grandiose experiences was the puer “sunflowers”. Returning home, quickly found him on Ali, ordered. And here came the long-awaited tea ...

The packaging is classic as many years ago.

Holographic label in place. Also, any additional information.

Puer pancake itself, the smell is excellent, a very fragrant representative.

Broke off a piece, look at the fault.

By the way, it breaks hard, speaks of a high pressing.

Drinking puerh straits is a dubious pleasure, so the hero of the review was cooked.

Hazelnut notes are felt, the honey aftertaste is pronounced, you can drink even without sweets, the smell and taste are pleasant.
The answer to the main question, “what is the effect?”, I will express with the photograph I took while I was tasting this drink, everything will be very clear on it and everyone will draw their own conclusions.
Littered horizon

In general, the tea is very solid, quite “expensive” taste, pleasant aftertaste and powerful effect, I recommend to try.