Puer. You can start with it.

Hi people.
I ordered myself gulls from China. I ordered a lot of Chinese teas, so there is nothing to compare. True, all from the lowest price category. Well, this one is not expensive.
Packed in a gray Chinese bag. There was no pimple, which could lead to injury to the pancake on the road. But, nothing happened.
Festive packaging

Standard weight - 357 grams. I believed the seller, since there are no kitchen weights. And this is not the essence of this review.
Includes memo for tea ...

Pancake itself

I do everything according to the rules. The first spill is in the sink. Yes, and the second there (we do not believe in the cleanliness of the hands of Chinese tea collectors).
Next, pour boiling water and insist 15-20 seconds.
The time of subsequent steaming is increased by 10-15 seconds compared to the previous ones.
The straits

I make about 4 to 6 straits depending on the amount of infusion.
That's enough theory. Now the feeling.
Outwardly, tea looks good (compared to mineprevious), but in the composition there are sticks of the trunks themselves, which already speaks not of the best quality of raw materials. But the taste is different from cheap. The astringent property of tea is manifested. Tartness and strength are felt, as if they brewed ordinary loose tea with a lot of tea leaves. But from ordinary hard-brewed tea it usually "gets worse", and this "brings lightness to the body." There is a smack of walnut (but this is more likely due to astringency). But in this tea there is no earthy flavor.
Tea can be broken off either with a knife or with your hands (not a cement sling).
I liked this tea.
If you have not previously drank Puer, I think you can start acquaintance with this type of tea from it.
Family favorite