The control panel from the doorhan gate: how to program the keychain and what is the difference between the Chinese dorkhan and the original

Good day.
Original Doorhan remotes are expensive.
Moreover, the official representatives of this company do not give a guarantee on them.
Motivating that these are consumables.
I had to search on Ali. I bought a batch of 10 pieces.
Got in a box. Without damage.
In addition, each remote control is enclosed in a box.
The consoles are not fixed in the box. Dangling upon delivery.

The seller, as a bonus, added a carabiner.
But for the remote control, this remote control is heavy, and the buttons are not protected when worn with keys.
Remote controls look very beautiful. Strong case.
The buttons are recessed. Accidentally on a flat surface will not work.

- dimensions: 70 * 33 * 15 mm
- weight without a carbine (with battery) 37 g.
- battery: 27A
- frequency: 433.92 MHz
- buttons all 4 working
- range up to 50 meters (approximately 20% less than the original)
Of course the remote control disassembled.
The frame is metal.
From the inside, I drilled a little for the experience. Not plastic. Chip conducts current.
Rubber buttons. The numbers 1234 are covered with a protective film.
The housing is pulled together by three screws.
The disadvantage is that the screws are screwed into a plastic base.
When replacing the battery, the threads can be torn off.

The photo below shows the original Doorhan 4 (2) remotes with my analogue.
By range, the analogue corresponds to two button original.

First registered through the receiver button. I have a new DHRE-1 sample.
All 40 buttons work. There is no marriage !!!
Main purchased counterparts support remote programming.
Since 2016, this function is present in the receivers.
You can use the buttons 1 and 3 (the original 1 and 2) to use an analog as a master remote, remotely register new remotes.
For a complete understanding, I made a video clip.
If you can wait a month, then it is better to order on Ali.
The remotes work and are programmed like the original Doorhan.
- Full analogues of Doorhan
- Good quality. 10 pieces without marriage.
- Beautiful, strong case
- Same as the originals. The screws that secure the case are screwed into plastic.
Someone can break the thread. Be careful!