Registrar Anytek AT66

I will begin my review with a small prelude.
In early June, I needed a DVR inas a birthday present. Ordering from China was dangerous because delivery dates could fail, but without a gift it was somehow not comme il faut. I decided to buy the Aikitec Carkit DVR-08HD Pro in Yulmart for 3,300 rubles ... In general, g *** but rare. Passed under the guarantee and got a refund. In parallel, I began to look after something from China for a replacement, accidentally stumbled upon a review of Anytek AT66.
It seems that the region is good, but they were confused by the comments that the review is fake, but oh well, the order is made. Singapore Post delivered it in 16 days.
I am doing this review to prove that the registrar is really of excellent quality, and for the money it is simply priceless.
Characteristics on Ali and on Anytek websitecompletely match:
Recording Resolution: 1920 *[email protected] (maximum), the rest is 1280 * 720 @ 30fps, 848 *[email protected]/ 30fps, 680 *[email protected]
The h.264 codec is used for compression, writes in .mov format
Chipset: Novatek Top 96650 Chipset with WDR Night Vision
Viewing angle: 170 degrees
Optical system: 6GA +, as I understand it 6 lenses / filters are installed.
G-Sensor: present
Screen Size: 2.7
Alarm Recording Function: Yes
Loop recording: Rollers are written for 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. and when the memory card is full, the oldest ones are automatically overwritten.
GPS: supports, external
- Supports microSD memory cards up to 64G, tested on 32Gb, no bigger size.
- You can adjust the white balance according to predefined modes and adjust the exposure
- There is the possibility of imprinting the number of your car.
A photo:
Yes, they can be photographed, but why? Who takes pictures on the DVR?
Intentionally omit the overview of this feature.
What I need from the registrar: he turned on when disarming the car and he turned off when setting. No button presses, no glitches, no reboots, no shutdowns and stops, no time and date knocking down. (and all this was with Aikitek).
Total: the recorder fully met my expectations, it works without failures, it does not heat up much, the video quality is at its best. You can evaluate this from the video: uploaded the original files to Yandex.Disk. One three-minute clip in FULL HD takes about 282MB.
By the way, I forgot, the seller threw gifts in the form of a rag, card reader and some stickers.
- excellent recording quality both day and night
- adequate price
- a rotary mount system, will allow you to direct the lens at the traffic police when he knocks on your window
- good build quality
- when the recording is interrupted, the files are broken and saved, during the subsequent recording they are not overwritten (useful function in case of an accident)
- large (but there isdifferent size model, the seller said that they are identical in filling)
- external GPS, and you need to separately purchase a cord and connect it somewhere, it's not very convenient
Video examples (be sure to download! When watching online, Yandex video cuts quality):
Photos of the registrar and packaging:
Photo registrar and packaging