Replica Merkur Futur razors 1,165 rubles (US $ 18.90 at time of purchase)

It all started with the fact that I came across a review of the Merkur Futur razor
I really liked the razor, but toad crushed the original for the money. Found a replica.
I summarize it right away - you can take it. More details under the cut.
Added a discount coupon!
I was attracted by the appearance of this razor. A kind of futuristic design, which formed the basis of its name. Also, pleased with the ability to adjust the departure of the blade from the guard.
I shave for about 10 years. Since then I have tried many different razors. Electric somehow "did not hook."
I chose wet shaving for myself, as the optimalfor comfort and convenience. Shaved, as a rule, with Gillet machines, almost all the time with the Fusion line. But lately there have been many complaints against them:
1. The price for replaceable cartridges has increased significantly. This is a major negative factor. 4 cassettes cost about 1,500 rubles, 2 cassettes about 800 rubles. Retail prices.
2. Cassettes do poorly with long bristles. I do not shave every day and sometimes the bristles grow to 5-6 mm. The cassette starts to cling and tear hair, which is rather unpleasant. In this case, you have to pre-shave the bristles with a trimmer or hair clipper. This is inconvenient and takes extra time both to cut and to further clean the tool.
3. The space between the cassette blades is clogged with cut bristles. It is almost impossible to wash it from there with a stream of water, so you have to brush it to clean the trimmer. If this is not done, shaving becomes completely uncomfortable, and leaving a brush with a stubble clogged in it is extremely unhygienic.
Temporary rescue were sets of “disposable” plastic machines Gillet and BIC. But they clog just as quickly and require cleaning.
Actually, when I came across a review of Merkur Futur
I really liked the economy pretended in my mind. Theoretically, a replica will pay off in a year.
But I did not know if they exist at all. After some time, I found an identical-looking razor on aliexpress. The seller did not have them, there were a couple of reviews and those were uninformative. Then I saw another razor, but at a price of about 91,000 (!) Rubles. No, this is not my typo! Ninety-one thousand rubles. With the New Year’s promotion, it was possible to purchase for 86,000 rubles. It's funny
And finally, I found a coveted cue! Orders of this razor from the seller - 2 pcs. So I ordered, as they say, at your own peril and risk. Despite the New Year holidays, the package arrived in less than a month.
12/24/2016 - Purchased
01/12/2017 - Arrived at the post office for extradition
The box is tight. High quality. At the top there is a cavity where the seller put 1 pack of Chinese blades.

It was additionally packed in several layers of foam material, resembling a substrate for a laminate and wrapped with tape. On top of that is a plastic gray postal bag.
The first impression is delight.

Very weighty, the seller claims weight - 200g. I have not weighed yet, you need to buy batteries in a kitchen scale. Weight 99 gr. On Chinese kitchen scales.
Qualitatively made machine.

Found small kosyachki on the coating, from the ends of the head, the photo shows.

The blade ejection mechanism works flawlessly.
The head is fixed on the guard using two cone-shaped pegs. They are clamped by metal bars.

The blade is fixed reliably, without distortions, the departure is uniform.
The first shave just fell on the 4-5 mm stubble. I twisted the handle to mode 5 and the razor confidently removed the overgrown stubble. After that, she rinsed without problems under a stream of water, leaving no shaving gel or bristle inside.
When shaving, I got a couple of small zaparin. There was no need to stop the blood, they dragged on almost instantly. Perhaps the lack of experience affects. After all, the first shave with a T-shaped safety machine with one blade. blades used by Dorco.
All in all, I really liked this razor. This is exactly what I need!
Thanks for attention!
PS: In the comments asked about the discount coupon. I wrote to the seller and received a $ 2 coupon for a purchase of $ 17