Replica Jeffrey Campbell - skate shoes

It happens that you see a thing - and you want to acquire it, discarding all common sense. So usually the images “Waiting - Reality” appear. We think that for the sake of this thing you can change yourself - and buy.
So it was with me in this case. I never knew how to wear high shoes, so why did I decide that I would fly on these skates? But because they are beautiful! And after all, not a hairpin, but a platform - maybe a ride.
Shoes were bought in such a distant 2013,when we counted the dollar in the mind, multiplying by 30-33. * sigh * So they cost me about a half thousand. Not very cheap for Chinese shoes, but the original cost several times more. Having been reinsured, I took size 7 at my 37.5 (38).
As expected, a month later the shoes came. It turned out to be too big. Sitting in them, of course, is good)) it’s worse to stand, although it’s comfortable for the legs.
All attention, of course, attracts design. I don’t want to wear shoes on my feet, but twist in my hands. The imitation of wood is done well, and due to the fact that it is still plastic, the shoes are at least a little, but they weigh easier. But in general they are quite heavy. Suede fabric, nice.

Skates made on 4. Here in the photo you can see flaws that seem straight huge (glue, threads, bumps) to the state of "Fufufu how to wear this." However, in life they are not striking at all, honestly!

There is no separate photo of the sole, but according to the first photoit is seen that it is very ribbed, rubber, anti-slip. But it didn’t help me. I hardly moved around the house, clung to everything that was possible. And put the skates on the far shelf for a year.
In the fall, I took them out and decided to take a picture, and then sell them out of harm's way. I wore them on the strength of 20 minutes, having had time to frighten the photographer with my strange movements)) A memorable photo looks like this.

Beauty requires sacrifice, but breaking a leg a third timeI was not ready, and what's the point of lying in the bins? Skates were put up for sale with all warnings. On the same day, a girl was found who managed to tame traumatic shoes! I was very pleased to see that shoes are loved and used)

And give the owner pleasure =)

In general, with these shoes I lost and I don’t want to order shoes without trying on.