Replica sneakers new balance 574

Ali arranged a “generous” distribution on his anniversarycoupons, and since it at least made up for the dollar, I decided to order something. Well, the onset of spring, and the look of the old ones, which barely reached the cross until the fall, prompted me to buy this particular product.
Before that, I already ordered a copy of this model, and in general I liked them (light, soft, I know what size I need), so I decided to take the same ones. Initially, I was looking for such a color
I rummaged through all Ali, found, ordered. An hour later, a message comes from the seller, "There are none available, choose others, or a refund." eventually had to agree to these.
The package reached me quickly enough, 15 days. Everything was packed in a simple bubble-wrapped envelope, there was no box.
Video unpacking

There was crumpled paper inside the sneakers, so they did not wrinkle during shipping. To my surprise, there was no extraneous odor.
Sneakers are quite light, 235 grams each.
All seams are made carefully. The sole is 3-layer, 2 layers are soft, 3rd is coarse rubber.

Of the minuses we can note - traces of glue at the sole

Also, the mesh on the toe is a props, it is quite thick and does not allow air to pass through well.
One more photo

In general, I liked the sneakers.
+ Lungs
+ Soft
+ Look good