Women's rubber boots

Actual purchase in slushy and nasty weather ... rubber boots ...
The goal was to buy waterproof rubber shoessuch that the minimum looks like mushroom boots ... a miracle didn’t happen)) the rubber remains rubber ... but I hope it’s difficult to determine from the height of growth, it looks pretty decent, the only thing that upset was the fact that these are ordinary short boots ... I mean that the lacing fake ... the bots have a one-piece standard construction for rubber boots ... more more
I ordered US8 for my 25 cm ... the size came up, I’ll probably be able to shove a small sock in case of cool weather
the package went a month, it came without any boxes there, just a bag tightly tied with tape

outside the package, it turned out that there were still special tabs inside ... as I understand it, for those who like higher heels ...

first view without packaging

basically made without jambs, the seams look reliable, there are no traces of glue ... they stink moderately, with ordinary rubber

a line on the toe, of course, is drawn ...

inside something like a lining, and not just bare rubber ...

you can fill the trouser leg in the boot or not, if the trouser leg is wide enough

purchase has not yet passed field tests, a review directly from the post office, I hope that everything is ok with water resistance
Bottom line - I think that rubber shoes in Moscowthe weather conditions should be in the arsenal, and the one that has a chance to differ in appearance from rubber boots is worth buying ... at this stage I am satisfied ... I can’t wait to sit there with dry feet, all other wet weather conditions))
something like this))

UPD in the field could not be verified, weather conditions prevented at -7 ... a test at home in the bathroom showed that the seams are solid, nothing leaks