Rubber Cat Slaps

As the illustration goes, this short opus will be dedicated to the 2011 Chinese hit: Rubber Cat Slaps!
These slippers have been serving me for half a year now and a littlefrayed during this time, but it is worth noting that other models lived only a couple of months. During my time as a student, I tried more than one style in the role of classic general shoes (corridors + showers): slippers, slates and slippers simply could not withstand the loads and were torn / cracked.
And in one of the public VK I saw these slippers andI wanted them. A search in the pictures returned several Russian online stores, but the goods were over in them. Therefore, I decided to search on Ali. After a couple of hours and hundreds of pairs of plush slippers, I found my flip flops.

They look already a little shabby
Of course, when they arrived, they REALLY STINK. After a week on the balcony, this minus disappeared. I was afraid not to guess with the size, but I trusted the table attached to the product and did not lose. Size really fits 45/46.

Some overhead information
But here the problem came, from where I did not expect: the spanks are universal and there is no division into right / left. At first, it was inconvenient, but after a couple of weeks I was already used to it.

Slippers on the owner
Slippers with dignity withstand hikes and walks to classmates. The sole is not for running, of course, but it does not slip on wet linoleum.

A very interesting photo of the sole
The foot is not in a hurry to jump out of the shoe itself either. And even a little massaged.

An even more interesting photo of the slipper inside
At first he was afraid that the claws would come off, but they hold on firmly. Slippers consist of two integral parts: the sole and the upper part, each of them is molded in shape. This explains their strength.
Mega results

  • Stink first
  • No separation right / left
  • Feel like a girl: everyone looks at your feet
  • You can be identified by shoes


  • Low price
  • Cat lovers will appreciate
  • Durable
  • Easy to find in a pile of shoes
  • Feel unique

In general, I advise =)