Fatal lipstick or just for girls

All Muscovites good day!
This is my very first review and, as it turned out, it is dedicated to the lipstick that I ordered on www.aliexpress.com. Who cares, look further.
The very idea of ​​buying lipstick in bright red was a long time ago, but somehow there was no time, my hands did not reach, there was simply no particular need. But soon I have a significant day and I want to look seductive, so I decided to order this lipstick.
I made the order from the Chinese online store for the first time myself (before that I ordered many times, but through my friend). I was a little worried about the delivery time, but seller I was very surprised: lipstick came in 8 days (taking into account the work schedule, I got it in my hands after 10 days)!
The parcel arrived well packaged in an air-bubbled small envelope.

Lipstick itself is a little smaller than a ballpoint pen, looks like a cone, it's nice to hold in your hand.

Her color was not chosen by the darkest, since I myself am light, tone number 28 (the quality of the photo was not very good, I didn’t want to focus).


  • This shade of lipstick is suitable for girls with light brown hair or blondes. Brunettes are better to look at more burgundy shades.
  • On the lipstick, as seen in the photo, it says Long lasting, that is, with a long-lasting effect. It really is! She just will not wash off your lips, for example, when you eat or accidentally lick your lips.
  • The pleasant, slightly perceptible aroma reminds raspberries, it will not irritate you, on the contrary, the fruity smell will make you smile.
  • If you decide to buy lipstickkissing your beloved man (so that there are traces of your lips on him), I want to disappoint you, she leaves no traces at all. You can safely dye it even when standing in a white wedding dress.
  • Minuses have not yet found!

Special greetings to redlightgreen.org

P.S. Feel free to order even in order to try on a new look!
My lips as promised