Pink push-up swimsuit

After a failed swimsuit purchase in the pastyear (and its successful sale), I realized that again I have nothing to swim in). Not very demanding on this type of clothing (I still don’t go to the seas), I decided to buy it on Ali again.
She chose a swimsuit with hard cups. From reviews on other resources, I knew that he was push-up. Which is also important) On Ali, I have not yet found such ones.
The color chosen was red rose. It was expected to be bright pink. So it came)
Walked for about a month.
Was in such a bag, designed for easy storage.

The color is bright and saturated.The cups are solid, not deformed at all during transportation.On the bodice is not a fastener, but ties. This is probably for the best.
True, for those who loveunfasten / untie straps when tans, these ties will cause some inconvenience, as they are double. And to remove them from the back, it is necessary to stretch one eyelet, which will then create difficulties when pulling.
On the reverse side, everything is neat.
In the lining of the cups there are holes for foam inserts (the same push-up)
The thickness is impressive)
I noticed that the cups themselves are also thickened, they also have a second “built-in” push-up ... In general, you want to wear it without a liner, you want it with a liner ... adjust the breast size to suit your mood))))
In swimming trunks there is very little fabric. They also have double ties. On swimming trunks they are in place, maybe there is a chance to stay dressed if someone accidentally "pulls the rope"))From the inside out Peeling off the oilcloth, I noticed that they were without gusset. Hmm, only a seam. Maybe it’s necessary ...
Material standard for a swimsuit Nylon, Spandex
The seams and decor are well done.

Unfortunately, this bow is decorative. The cups seemed a little close to each other. I wanted to bandage, but down (
Size ordered S according to seller’s table for parameters 87/92
I think that M could have been from the bodice. They say that when buying a bodice, it is always better to choose a size larger. It will be better to look.

It looks like this
on me.

Bottom line: Despite some nuances (double ties, lack of gusset), the swimsuit is excellent. I liked the color and design very much. It's simple and convenient!
I hope I will be able to walk Buy it this summer))))